How to Use Egnyte for Salesforce

Introduction: How to Use Egnyte for Salesforce

Easily upload and share files such as data sheets, videos, and presentations from within your agents' Salesforce portals with Egnyte for Salesforce.

Step 1: Log In

This demonstration video highlights some of the powerful capabilities of the Egnyte for Salesforce integration.

After logging into Salesforce, you can open an existing lead for your company. As you can see, the Egnyte UI is embedded into Salesforce.

Step 2: Convert the Lead Into an Opportunity

As part of the conversion process, some pre-defined Egnyte folders are created. These folders are specific to the individual accounts and the sharing permissions are inherited from your salesforce account into Egnyte. Also, the default folder names can be customized by the administrator.

The collateral folder for instance, is a useful place for keeping sales presentations, brochures, or even the company logo. Adding files is as easy as dragging them from your PC into the folder.

Step 3: Share a Folder

Once in the folder, you can share the files with other team members or the customers themselves. You can email the link within the application, or you can copy the link and send using your preferred method.

Step 4: Advanced Folder Control

There are even advanced controls where you can set file access permissions, chose how long the link is active, and to receive notification when the file is accessed.

Step 5: Use Egnyte for DocuSign Within Salesforce

If a customer conversation requires a non-disclosure agreement, using the Egnyte for DocuSign integration from within salesforce makes getting the NDA signed fast, easy, and secure.

Step 6: Create Google Doc Via Egnyte for Salesforce

You can even create documents on the fly that stay within your Egnyte folder using the powerful integration with Google Apps. To do this, simply click on the “new” button and select Google Document. For more information on
The Egnyte for Salesforce integration, please visit

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