Introduction: How to Use / Hold CHOPSTICKS

In this instructable I will tell you how to use chopsticks.

Before I start to teach you, I will recommend you that I would use my right hand when I hold chopsticks. Because I cannot use it with my left hand.

Step 1: Gather 2 Chopsticks

At first we have to gather 2 different type of chopsticks.

Type 1: Normal Chopsticks (White one)

Type 2: Chopsticks for practice (if you cannot find in the shop, you can buy it from the internet or create it.)

The length of the chopsticks should be equal to displacement between thumb and index finger x 1.5 when you create 90 degrees between them.

Step 2: Try to Hold Chopsticks

In this step, we will use chopsticks for practice.

Normally this type of chopsticks are used by kids. But I think this chopsticks is suitable for beginner.

About a stick which has a circle.

When I hold it, a stick should be closed own body. Because that circle is for thumb.

About other stick

When I hold it, two circles that connect with a stick should be upper side. Middle circle is for index finger. Other circle is for middle finger.

Step 3: Try to Move Chopsticks

Before this step you already hold it. So in this step, we will try to move that chopsticks.

When we move chopsticks, we have to use only index finger and middle finger. We don't need to use other fingers.

Step 4: Try to Hold Anything

In this step we will hold anything. But you should not hold heavy thing, because it is too hard.

So just try to hold anything that is light thing such as cotton. But you can decide what you hold.

Step 5: Try to Hold Normal Chopsticks

In this step, it is time to use normal chopsticks.

This time, there is no helper on the chopsticks, but the way to hold is same as the chopsticks for practice.

If you cannot hold it, you should use chopsticks for practice again.

Step 6: Try to Move Chopsticks

This step is also to try to move chopsticks.

The way to move chopsticks is also same as chopsticks for practice.

You have to move only index finger and middle finger again.

Step 7: Try to Hold With Chopsticks

If you could do all of the step.

The time of practice is finished until previous step.

So in this step, just try to use the chopsticks in during meal.