How to Use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ V1.2 for the First Time!

Introduction: How to Use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ V1.2 for the First Time!

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Today, I am going to show you that how to use Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ V1.2 for the first time! I could buy this board after two years, when Raspberry Pi 3 had been announced, sorry for me being so late, but I'm thankful to my statement that I just found enough money to buy that board. The problem is that I can't find job to earn money.

Installing is similar with Raspberry Pi 2 as I mentioned on my early instructable: The first usage of Raspberry Pi 2

Please read that article then come back here.

I think you are aware what is Raspberry Pi 3 and what is the different from Raspberry Pi 2.

As an extra, we have speedy CPU and RAM communications, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi included hardware design, and others are the same as Raspberry Pi 2.

Step 1: Software As Operating System

1. Click here to download recent NOOBS from

2. Use 32GB Class 10 micro SD card to plug in into your computer

3. Click here to download SD Card formatting program to format your sd card. You will see blue buttons for Windows download and MAC download. Then format your SD Card.

4. Copy files from NOOBS's RAR file to your SD Card directly via using Windows Explorer if you are using Windows.

5. Plug out SD Card from your computer to plug in to Raspberry Pi 3.

6. Give energy to Raspberry Pi 3, then wait for colorful screen for the first time.

Step 2: Raspberry Pi 3 Desktop for the First Time! + Installing Procesdure Video

I prepared a video about this. Just click on next to load your operating system onto your Raspberry Pi 3 board.

Watch the video below. I explained all.

That's all !

Step 3: BONUS: How to Play Minecraft on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ V1.2 Pi Edition for the First Time! - Minecraft Pi3

How to play Minecraft on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ v1.2 Pi Edition For The First Time! - Minecraft Pi3

You can watch it on the video below.

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