How to Use a Table Saw

Introduction: How to Use a Table Saw

Hi I'm Jordan Jorgenson and today im gonna show you how to use a table saw safely. Did you know more than 67,000 workers a year injure themselves on a table saw. This just be knicking themsleves to cutting fingers off. I'm gonna show you so do not join those 60,000 people.

Step 1: Safety

The first thing to do before you do anything even starting the saw is have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). You should have safety glasses and if you are wearing a sweatshirt or have long hair make sure it is tucked in or tied back. Make sure your PPE is in good condition before you use anything. Also make sure your environment is safe and if it isn’t or someone is making it unsafe tell them to be aware of what is about to happen.

Step 2: Setting Your Length and Depth

Now that you have your PPE on and you checked your surroundings to make sure it is safe we can start to cut. Before you start the saw set the saw to the length you want to cut at. The table saw comes with a sticker on it with a tape measure but those aren't the most accurate so take your real tape measure and measure from the blade to the fence. Keep in mind the fence tends to move when you lock it in place so always double check when you set the fence. After that is set you need to check your saw depth, there will be a little spinning wheel right under the power button. Your depth should be set so one full saw tooth should be sticking above your piece.

Step 3: Cutting

Next you are ready to cut your piece. Note you always want to cut with the grain because if you cross cut on a table saw that could cause kickback and could really injure you. If you have a big piece that is too heavy or just a pain to hang on to, ask one of your friends to help you. But with small pieces you want to turn on the saw and place your piece of wood on the fence. Make sure you have the smoother side of the wood towards the fence so can get a straight cut. Next you wanna push the board against the fence with your left hand and have your thumb on top to keep it down. Then take your right hand and push the piece forward. Then when the piece gets close to the saw grab a push stick and push the rest of the way.

Step 4: Cleaning Up

Once you are done cutting your piece(s) make sure the saw is completely off. You should clean your stuff up and clean the saw off so that it’s in good use for the next person. You should get all your supplies and your pieces off the saw and back to your workplace. Lastly ask your partners if they need help or not with their next piece.

Step 5: Video

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