How to Vlog -- 5 Tips for Making Better YouTube Videos!

Introduction: How to Vlog -- 5 Tips for Making Better YouTube Videos!

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How to make better YouTube videos? We have 5 simple tips for all YouTubers, including beginners and YouTube stars.

Step 1: Tidy Up.

Mess or clutter in the background of your shot will distract your viewers from what you are saying.

Step 2: Take a Minute to Loosen Up.

You can try listening to music, or just moving around a bit. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable so you look more comfortable on camera.

Step 3: Talk to the Camera the Same Way You Talk to Your Friends.

You want your viewers to feel connected to you.

Step 4: Scripting Is Good But Different for Everybody.

Some vloggers sound robotic when they rely on a script, but others need one to feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s best to make a simple outline of what you will say.

Step 5: Use Your Outside Voice.

Raise your voice a bit the way you do when you are excited but do not yell at your viewers.

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