Introduction: How to Wash Clothes at Morehouse College

Washing clothes at Morehouse College, requires specific steps, to ensure the cleanest clothes of the Atlanta University Center. This instructable, will serve as a guide on how Men of Morehouse, should wash their clothes.

Step 1: Seperate Clothes

Seperate your clothes, based on liked colors.

Step 2: Pay Special Attention to Certain Article of Clothing

Make sure to turn your jeans inside out and empty the pockets of all pants.

Step 3: Bag Clothes

Use your laundry basket or suitcase, to carry your clothes to the laundromat.

Step 4: Materials Needed

-Laundry Card

-Washer and Dryer

-Tide pods

-Clorox Stain Remover pods

-Fabric Softener

-Shout Stain Remover Sheets

-Gain Dryer Sheets

Step 5: Insert Laundry Card

Once an available washer is found, insert your laundry card. Money can be placed on the laundry card in the Campus Police building.

Step 6: Insert Cleaning Substances

Insert two Tide pods, one Clorox pod, and a top full of fabric softener.

Step 7: Put Clothes in Washer

Put like-colored clothes in washer machine. Put as much clothes, as the washer will allow. Do not over stuff the washer.

Step 8: Select Setting

Select a setting, based on the color or fabric. Morehouse washers do not have settings based temperature. The was should take an average of thirty minutes.

Step 9: Move Clothes to the Dryer

The drying cycle should take about an hour. Make sure the lint keeper is clear and add a dryer sheet.

Step 10: Pack Up Clothes

The same bags used to carry your dirty clothes to the laundromat, will be the same bags you use to take the clothes back to your room. Clean the bags with disinfectant and put the clean clothes inside. Return back to your room.

Step 11: Fold Clothes

Find an open area, to fold your clothes. Once clothes are folded, place in drawers.