How to Wash Your Face

Introduction: How to Wash Your Face

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Really? You must be thinking. “I already know how to wash my face,” right? In this
video we have some tips you either never knew or maybe forgot about.


1. Splash Your Face with Water: This begins the cleansing process and breaks up surface dirt.

2. Use a Good Cleanser: Olay has some good creamy cleansers. Apply with clean fingers and use a gentle, upsweeping motion. Defy that gravity, girl!

3. Splash and Blot: Use warm water and blot with a dry, fluffy cloth. Do not rub!

4. Apply Serums and Eye Cream: Use serum where you need it. To apply eye cream, use your ring finger and pat gently until it is absorbed.

5. Apply Day Cream with Sunscreen or a Night Cream: Use the same upward, sweeping motion
as when you wash.

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