How to Win on #Hms 2018

Introduction: How to Win on #Hms 2018

today I will be presenting how to win on fortnite

Step 1: Materials

A Console or PC

Downloaded version of fortnite

A tv or pc

a controller

Step 2: Load Into Fortnite

Click on the game and load into your account

Step 3: Go Into a Solo Match

Select solo and press the button to load int[o the game

Step 4: Land in a Safe Location Where Nobody Goes

Land where nobody else lands so you don't get killed right off the start of the game

Step 5: Moving Into Circle

After you have looted every single building you have found you must move in the next circle to not die because of the storm.

Avoid the purple parts of the map

Step 6: Building

If you have been shot at build around yourself quickly with the turbo build option so you don't die and have protection around your body so you can shoot safely at the enemy

Step 7: Engaging in Battles

Always make sure of your surroundings and always look for fights. If you see a fight sneak up behind the enemy and kill them with a shotgun or a machine gun

Step 8: Healing

Every time you get a kill and your health is low build a box around you so nobody can shoot you and you can heal up safely. (Always carry med kits and mini shields they're the fastest way of healing)

Step 9: Looting

Always hold out your pickaxes when looting its picks up materials you already have and you don't pick up unwanted weapons.

Step 10: Winning

Repeat steps 3-9 and you should get that #1 Victory Royale

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    2 years ago

    Thank you so much xoxo - Ninja


    3 years ago

    There is no specific method to win a multiplayer game (it is impossible to predict), a better title may be "How to improve your Fortnite skills", btw what is #HMS I dont really game?