Introduction: How to Wrap a Present

Opening presents is one of the many joys during the holiday season. However, wrapping them can be can be a dreadful part of the holiday season. Where do I cut? Where do I place the present? How do I fold the wrapping paper? Where to I tape? My name is Sarah Showers and all of these questions will be answered in this set of instruction. It will teach you how to wrap a present with persuasion and ease. I have wrapped many presents in my life time and I am sure this will help you with the headache that is wrapping presents.


Here are the following supplies you will need to wrap a present succesfuly:

Present you need to wrap

Roll of Wrapping paper



Step 1: Lay Out All Materials on the Ground

The first thing you want to do is lay out all materials that were listed above, and also shown in the picture above. This will be your working space. Make sure it is a big area so you have plenty of room to wrap the present successfully.

Step 2: Roll Out the Wrapping Paper Roll and Set Present on It

The second step you need to do when wrapping a present is to roll out the wrapping paper roll. Once it is rolled out you should place the gift you wish to wrap on the wrapping paper. It may also be a good idea to place your present upside down, this will make it look more neat.

Step 3: Cut the Wrapping Paper to Fit the Present

The third step in this process is to cut the wrapping paper to fit the size of the gift. You want to make sure that you will be able to cover all the sides when you fold the paper. When you cut the paper make sure to have straight lines with no tears this will make it look better in the end. When you are done cutting the paper, your gift may have moved, so be sure to put it back in the middle of the wrapping paper sheet.

Step 4: Fold One Side

This step is the one where you start to actually wrap the present. For this step fold one side of the paper up onto the top of the gift and tape it. It really does not matter what side you fold up, but it is usually easier to do one of the longest sides. Make sure it is folded very tightly before you tape the paper to the top of the present, you do not want it to be loose. You want to make sure your folds are nice and crisp to make it look more clean and precise.

Step 5: Fold the Paper on the Other Side

After you fold the one side onto the gift, you want to make a fold on the other side of the paper. Do not fold this onto the present. Simply fold the paper over to make a cleaner edge on that side of the wrapping paper. The folds crease should be very tight and compact. Make sure when you fold it, you still have enough room to cover the rest of the present.

Step 6: Fold the Second Side

The next step is to fold the remaining edge up onto the gift. This is the side you just made a new fold on. When bringing this side up to the gift make sure the wrapping paper is tight around the gift, and all the creases are tight. When all the sides are tight, tape the paper on the top of the gift.

Step 7: Fold Half the First Triangle on the Third Side

Once you have folded the first two sides, it is time to move over to the third side. This step may be the hardest step out of any of them. You want to turn the side of the gift you are working on towards you. Then fold one of the corners of the paper into the middle of this side. This will make something that looks like a half triangle. Make sure the crease on the side of this half triangle is very firm and clean. Also be sure to push the back of the triangle up to the gift. Both of these things will make it easier later, when you go to make the other side of the triangle.

Step 8: Fold the Second Half of the Triangle for the Third Side

Next, do the same thing as in the last step. Fold the remaining corner into the middle of the side, like you did the first corner. Then you will see the complete triangle. Once again make sure that your edges are pushed up against the gift, and your edges have very sharp creases.

Step 9: Fold the Triangle Up Onto the Gift

The final step for the third side is to fold the triangle up onto the top of the present, Make sure that all the edges on the triangle and sides are very tight and crisp. Once they are clean and crisp tape it to the top of the present.

Step 10: Fold Up the Fourth Side

To fold up the forth side, fold it the same way that side three was folded. Repeat steps seven through nine, making the triangle. Just be sure to remember to once again make the sides clean and crisp. Once they are taped to the side onto the top of the gift.

Step 11: Your All Done!

Congragulations you just wrapped a present. At this time you may want to flip over over the present so you see less tape marks. If anything is coming loose you can always add more tape. If you want to make you present extra pretty you can also add a bow or some ribbon. Here is a link below with some ideas on how you could decorate your present.

Ways to Decorate a Present