Introduction: How to Add Character to a Plain Wall by Paint and Accessorizing

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My hall way was white in color,the standard color the builder sells the new houses. Though I love white walls as it lights up the area, I felt tired of seeing the same color day in and out so for this contest I did a small make over. I decided to paint it a dark neutral color. I choose from a warm color since my tile was cream color. I choose a flat artichoke color. This makes my house warm and welcome, at-least I thing so. But after painting what do you do with the wall.

You can follow my simple technique and make it look richer weather your choice is modern, casual or traditional or rustic look for your area.

Step 1: Painting Walls and Color Selection

1. Select a color that you really like. Apply the sample paint on the wall and look at it during different time of the day and night. Best time to see how a color looks is around 10 in the morning. Also make sure if you have furniture and curtains then pick a color that is neutral and blends with the color family. Neutral colors like cream, off white, beige or oatmeal color are always safer than trying a bold red or black, specially if u are trying to paint for the first time or are hesitant or need to sell the house.

2. If not Bathroom or Kitchen are u are painting pick a pain that is matt in finish or low in gloss.

3. Paint the area that you like in the color you want.

Step 2: Pick a Wall Decor Console Table

1. Pick a wall Decor or can be

• A Painting / Wall Art that fits atleast 40% of the wall. U can find a good one for less than $75 in Home good or marshall or target. That is what I did with this wall. I hung a painting that I like of a horse.
• Large Wreath instead of a painting. I like that because one can change then based on season. What I mean to say is cove your wall with a large piece that add character or drama to the wall.
• Decorative Wood Carving.
• Collage of Mirrors
• Collage of Picture Frame

2. Put a Console table below the painting, in the center of the room. It should be big enough to cover the length of the painting or bigger. Any kind from simple one that you get in Ikea to fancy ornate one's will look nice if coordinated well.

Step 3: Accessorize

1.Get some greenery with indoor plants like Bamboo, Crouton, ficus tree , Ficus, Olives, Ivy and Boxwood Topiaries, Citrus tree, rubber plant, Any kind of palm tree.

2. Try different combination of Lamp , sculptures, bold floral arrangement, books on the Console table. In the picture i have shown Statue, books , plants arrangement or lamp candle stand and plants. Use your imagination and try anything u like.

3. What ever u do keep a color pallet in mind.

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