Introduction: How to Assemble Mechanical Suicune

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This instructable indicates the assemble steps of the Mechanical Suicune on shapetizer.

As one of the three great ancient mythical creatures, Suicune acts a frost mastery legendary beasts. I was fascinated with this slim quadruped blue Pokémon, as well as Transformers. And several years later the Skorponok in Transformers II inspire me so there grown a thought how could a mechanical Suicune like to be.

This is the original model, stable joint is particularly important for a quadruped. So I add some toothed edge around that pivot shaft bearing. It can support the whole structure stably in different gestures.

Step 1: Large Parts Assemble Indication.

I orderly named the files so you can find them in the printing page neatly.

Here is a simple illustration.

Step 2:

You might confused by those annoying screws/nuts, So I take a screenshot of all the screw/nut files.

Overall there are 16 screws and nuts. For each of those screw you may find a corresponding nut.

Most the size is different, you could still find the correct screw even though you forget their name.

Step 3: Printing Components

My base printing parameter:

0.15mm layer height

80% infill

30-50 degree support angle

3mm surface layer

Step 4: Head/Neck Parts

Connect the head and neck with neck screw/nut.

Insert the other side of neck into the chest (with 2 inside ring as spacers)

Step 5: Pelvis and Thighs.

Assemble the pelvis and two thighs.

Step 6: The Hydro Pipes

Reverse the body insert hydro pipes and hydro bearings. Then Insert buttocks screw to fasten.

Step 7: Forearms

Fix bracelet on the fore limb. Assemble with elbow screw.

Afterwards put on the claw sheath and claw fingers. Respectively insert the wrist screw and the claw screw.

After we finish one hand of the Great Sphinx. Repeat this step to finish another.

Step 8: The Hind Legs

Fasten the shank on the thigh with knee screw.

And there are four joints on the whole leg structure. Includes the heels, paw sheathes and paws.(connect with heel/shank screws/nuts)

At first I found the sheath don't have a hole to assemble the claws,

Step 9: Outer Parts.

Put shoulders beside the neck. Then the whole basic Suicune structure is ready.

Install two spines on the back.

Assemble the gun parts. Put onto the bearing. And put it on the pelvis.

Step 10: Crown and Tail

Crown, add some glue if it needs.

Assemble the tails, the tailbone need to be printed by flexible filament. If you don't have Ninjaflex at hand you can use an iron wire instead.

Finally attach the tail on the pelvis.

Step 11: Accomplished.

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