Introduction: How to Build Aquarium.

The Aquarium is controlled artificial environment where fish and aquatic organisms can live away from their natural environment.

Dealing with the Aquarium is a popular hobby worldwide. This is a hobby that will not disappoint you, but it will be an extremely interest underwater world and source of joy.

On this page i will show to you

  1. how manufactured the Aquarium of 30 liters I have.
  2. how to build Aquarium Filter.
  3. how to build Granite Cave.
  4. how to build Moss Wall.

At each step there are images with the materials and tools you will need to make to the construction. Each material and tool is marked size ranges and the name.

Step 1: Build the Aquarium.

First you have to buy an aquarium if it has not already.

Convinced as it may sound strange, the larger capacity in the aquarium, the fewer problems we will have to sustain them in the future. But that depends on you only.

Caring for the aquarium to be placed on a stable, flat base.

It also plays an important role and the type of fish you want to put into the aquarium.

The Materials needed are above the image.

Let's start!!


  1. Put the Growth Substrate.(2cm)
  2. Put the Gravel.(3-4cm)
  3. Place the decorating such as the Granite Cave and Moss Wall I will show you the next steps.
  4. Pour water up to the middle of the Aquarium.
  5. Plant the Plants.
  6. Place the Heater in the corner on the back of the Aquarium (some Aquariums included along Heaters on the market) and a Thermometer.
  7. Place the Aquarium Filter (in the next step I will show how to build the Aquarium Filter).
  8. Bring the remaining water to fill the tank.
  9. Place the Aquarium Lamp and AC adapter (some Aquariums included along Aquarium Lamps on the market).
  10. Put into operation the Lighting, Filter and Thermostat, and leave the Aquarium to work for at least 2-3 days.

Do not even put fish.


  • You have to put water conditioner because tap water contains chlorine etc that harm fish.

Step 2: Build the Aquarium Filter.

The filter is the heart of your aquarium.

Maintains the balance of the ecosystem,

and cleans circulating water,

enriched with oxygen, generates currents and lots more.

Materials for Filter.

  1. Water Filter
  2. Water Pump (extrenal)
  3. Plastic Water Pipe
  4. Plastic Corners
  5. Female reducer
  6. Clamps
  7. Base for the Filter
  8. Water Tap

  9. Fittings Plastic

  10. Teflon Tape

  11. Plastic Tube

  12. Water Hose

The Materials and Tools needed are above the image.

Follow the above image with the filter plan

The brown line at draft is the Plastic Tube.


  • Be careful the filter is below the aquarium to function properly filter.
  • My aquarium had pump from the market. I use the pump to send water into the filter from the aquarium for better results.
  • The filter working without the internal pump, but you must make sure that the filter is lower than the aquarium.

Step 3: Materials for Filter.

Put the Materials for Filter with the order shown in the photo.

Step 4: Build the Granite Cave.

The Materials and Tools needed are above the image.


  1. Break the granite with a hammer in small and large pieces.
  2. Try to break the granite pieces that you will be able to build their cave.
  3. With the broken pieces and start preparing the cave.
  4. Once you have built your cave without dismantling the pieces, start putting silicone in the pieces to stick.
  5. When all the pieces stick Clean the silicone left over the side.


  • Be careful to only add granite stones and not anything with limestone because it hurt anyone to fish.
  • Read and follow the instructions of silicone.
  • You must leave a few openings to circulate water and into the cave.

Step 5: Build the Moss Wall.

The Materials and Tools needed are above the image.

The plastic mesh is commonly available in most hardware stores, plant nuseries, and large supermarkets.


  1. Cut two equal pieces of the plastic mesh on the size of the tank you want to put the moss.
  2. In a piece of plastic mesh stretched over the moss evenly. Try not to leave any area uncovered, otherwise you may have gaps in your moss wall later, when the wall has been erected in your tank and the moss begins to grow out.
  3. Fold and then second plastic mesh.
  4. Knit with fishing line.
  5. Make small holes with scissors.
  6. Put the suction cups in the holes.
  7. Place the grid on the side of the tank. Make sure they are fully seated in the suction cups.

Step 6:

This is Aquarium now with only Red Cherry Shrimps.

Good luck and enjoy
your aquarium.

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