Introduction: How to Build a Fruit Punch Cannon

In order to meet the safety standards put forth by the Fruit Punch crew, the cannons must be built to these specifications.

Step 1: Measure and Cut a 3.5' Piece of the 3" PVC

Be sure that the cut is as even as possible all the way around the pipe. This will be the chamber.

Step 2: Measure and Cut a 3' Long Piece of the 1.5' PVC

This will be the barrel.

Step 3: Cut a 4" Piece Off the Remaining 1.5" PVC Pipe

Do not cut from what has been established as the barrel. This will connect the release valve with the size converter.

Step 4: Drill a Hole in the 3" End Cap With a 1/2" Drill Bit

Be sure that the hole is on the flattest point on the end cap, usually this is the very middle. This will be where the pressure valve attaches.

Step 5: Fit Together the Pieces With Out Glue to Ensure Fit

The barrel attaches to one end of the release valve (side does not mater) and the smaller piece of 1.5" attaches to the other. Then the smaller piece of 1.5" attaches to the size converter. The 3.5' long barrel piece attaches to the size converter on one end, and the 3" end cap on the other. Finally the valve fits into the hole that we drilled on the end cap.

Step 6: Applying Glue and Primer

The gluing process is permanent, so triple check that the pieces are assembled the correct way. It is also very quick, so be sure to have multiple hands to makes sure the seals are solid.

Start with an unbroken ring of primer (purple) on the inside of the piece that will fit over and the outside of the piece that will fit under. For the example shown, the chamber piece ( the 3" pvc) is being attached to the size converter. The chamber fits inside the converter, so the primer is around the outside. Then apply the PVC glue to the piece where the primer is on the inside (the converter).

Step 7: Gluing Together

Slide the pieces together, pushing in and turning 90 degrees to make sure that the glue creates a solid bond. Repeat these steps for the rest of the cannon except for the end cap to the pressure valve

Step 8: Attach Pressure Valve

There should be a hole big enough to screw that valve into, twist it in as much as possible, then apply super glue to the current base of the valve and twist it one more time. The final step is to caulk the outside of the valve.