Introduction: How to Build a LEGO Rubik's Clock

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Today I will be showing you how to build a Rubik's Clock out of Lego. What could be cooler, right? Anyway, the Rubik's Clock is a pretty awesome little puzzle, and I had the good fortune of picking it up for $4 at a tag sale.

Here is the link to the wiki on the clock:'s_Clock

The first picture shows a size comparison of the Lego and the actual puzzle. They're very close in size to each other. The colors on mine aren't exactly in any specific pattern; I just threw together what I had on hand.

Well, I guess you're all pretty anxious to build this, so let's get cracking!

Step 1: Part Count

THis part count is optimized to use the least amount of parts for my design. I didn't use this part count because, for example, I used a two stud brick and an eight stud brick instead of a ten stud brick. It works the same, but I just didn't have the correct parts on hand.

Part List:

(4) 4x1-stud bricks
(8) 10x1-stud beams w/ holes
(2) 12x1-stud beams w/ holes
(4) 2x4-stud plates
(4) 4x1-stud plates
(8) 10x1-stud plates
(8) 12x1-stud plates

(8) 7-stud length axles (NOTE: You can make do with 6 or 8-stud axles, but 7 is preferable.)
(10) 3-stud length axles
(18) 20-tooth gears
(4) 24-tooth gears

(4) bushings (NOTE: This number changes if you're using different axles.)
(18) half-bushings (NOTE: This number changes if you're using different axles.)
(8) "Catches" (This piece lets two axles be perpendicular to each other.)
(10) Two-Holed, flat pieces

Step 2: The Frames

The frames that I made were constructed out of any beams I could get my hands on so it's not exactly symmetrical.  These frames hold all of the axles and gears in place, so just make sure you have certain holes available (Look at the annotations).

Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Step 3: Sub-assemblies

In this step, just follow the pics. and read these descriptions of each part.

Pic #1: If you have the 7-stud axles, use them. If you need to, use 6 or 8-stud ones. Whatever you choose, put two gears int the middle of the axle.
Pic #2: Push a 3-stud axle through a two-holed, flat piece, then through a half-bushing.
Pic #3: The 24-tooth gear is in the middle of a 7-stud axle with a bushing nearby.

Step 4: First Frame

1. Grab a frame and slide five of the dials you made just before through the holes shown in pic. 1.
2. Turn the frame around and cap off each axle with a gear.
3. Slide all of the pins into these holes and make sure all the teeth mesh.
4. Turn the frame around and put a bushing on each axle end.
5. Put each of the other thing you made in the pervious step through the four corner holes, and put a half-bushing or bushing (depending on if you used a 7 or 8-stud axle, respectively) on each axle.
6. Put a catch on the axles right on top of the bushings.

Step 5: Second Frame

Don't worry. This one's less complicated.

1.Take the other frame and put four dials through it, like on the other frame.
2. Again, Put the gears on the back of the axles.

See? Told you it was easier.

Step 6: Putting the Frames Together

1. Line up the frames and slide them together.
2. Pop bushings on each of the axles, just like you did for the first frame. Yes, the pins are supposed to slide.
3. Don't forget the catches! Make sure they point the same direction on both sides of the clock.

Step 7: Securing the Connection

Time for plates!

1. Snap two 2x4-plates onto the bottom of the clock.
2. Snap two 2x4-plates onto the top of the clock.
3. Snap two 1x4-plates onto both sides of the clock.

Step 8: Playing With Your Clock

Congrats! You now have your very own Lego Rubik's Clock! Happy solving!

The aim of the game is to get all nine hands pointing to 12 o'clock (the up position) on both sides of the clock. You do this by turning the wheels on the four corners of the clock. Pushing the four buttons in the center of the puzzle will change which clock faces are affected by turning each wheel. It's a bit complicated to explain, so if you are confused, drop me a comment and I'll try my best to respond!

Please post your comments! I'd love to have some constructive criticism on my first Instructable!

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