Introduction: How to Build Number Blocks and Character Blocks

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Wooden character blocks and number blocks with paint finish in different colors can be used as background for taking photo, especially for children. Here will show you how to build a character block with different colors.

Step 1: Determine Size of Block

1: Block can be made of solid wood or MDF. To save costs and convenient for production, we will adopt MDF to make the blocks.
Normally MDF board we purchased is in size of 96x48inch, to make full use of material, we make abc block in size 9.5x9.5x9.5inch, thus the mdf board can be cut into 5x10pcs, almost no material wasted.

Step 2: Cut Board to Right Size

2: Each block consists of 6 seperate parts, they are four walls, top and bottom. We will assemble the four walls by tongue and groove joint way, top and bottom glue with four walls directly. As MDF board is in thickness of 0.6inch, thus need saw top and bottom in size of 9.5x9.5inch, two walls in size of 9.5x8.23inch, two walls in size of 8.66x8.23inch.
Cut 0.2x0.2x8.66inch tongues on the 8.66x8.23inch boards on two long sides.
Cut 0.2x0.2x8.23inch grooves on the 9.5x8.23inch walls on two short sides also.

Step 3: Engrave Letter

3: Determine size and style of each letter, then you need order at least one piece of plastic molding for each letter of above size and style, then use milling machine and these letter moldings to cut out the letters on mdf boards. Please note, the characters should standout than rest part, normally 0.2" higher would be enough.

Step 4: Assemble Four Walls

4: Assembly the four walls first, make sure all the characters are in the right direction. Use elastic fasten the block for 2hours until glue dry. Of course it would be better to use pressure machine to press the four walls until glue is dry. Normally the glue takes about 1-2 days to dry totally, so do not remove the block frequently before this time.

Step 5: Assemble Top and Bottom

5: Assemble the top and bottom to the wall. If there is press machine, it is better. If not, we can put some heavy things on top so it will also connect with four walls tightly.

Step 6: Sand Surface With Sandpaper

6: Sand surface of the block with sandpaper to insure a smooth surface and no burr left so we will get good paint result in the end.

Step 7: Ground Paint

7: Paint the block with clear ground paint for first time. Sand block with sandpaper after paint dry totally.
Repeat above procedure for at least two times.

Step 8: Final Paint With Prefered Color

8: As we need each side of block one different color, we need paint each side individually. Take the top side for example. Cover four walls with paper adhere tape, only leave the top side open, so the paint will not spatter on other sides, then paint top with red or any you like color. After it dried, cover the letter with former plastic letter molding, and cover the four sides of top with paper adhere tape also, only leave the hollow parts open, then paint the hollow parts with white. Now one side finished painting.
Other five sides paint same way as above.
Now a multi color wooden number block built.

Wooden boxes can be built by similar way.