How-to Build a Planter Stand From Scrap Wood & an Old Rim...




Introduction: How-to Build a Planter Stand From Scrap Wood & an Old Rim...

He is a project that utilizes an old wheel rim & scrap pressure treated wood from building a deck...  I'll show you the steps involved in building the stand that the planter is sitting on...

Step 1:

What we have here is some scrap treated decking lumber & an old steel rim from a car...

Step 2:

First we sand the areas that the wood will actually contact the rim, with a coarse sandpaper... Then give the rim a good wipe with a rag to remove any sanding dust... (Tip #1 - You should start the job with wiping down the areas that you'll be sanding with a wax & grease remover...)

Step 3:

You can see the narrow strips that have been sanded... I then apply PL400 construction adhesive to bond the first piece of wood... (It's not mandatory to use PL400, just choose a quality construction adhesive that is suitable for the materials being used...)

Step 4:

After cutting the board to length to fit inside the rim, I then cut it half to help fit the contour of the rim... I then press down firmly into the adhesive...

Step 5:

I continue with the PL400 and I place the cut ends together to keep a uniform look around the rim...

Step 6:

The next plank is done the same way and you will see that I'm putting the rounded factory edges together...

Step 7:

After I get just past the halfway point, I take an inexpensive cargo strap and tighten against the wood pieces... I set this rim aside, and let it harden overnight...

Step 8:

The next day I undo the strap and finish filling the rim with wood pieces... Once again I put the strap on and set it aside to harden overnight (or whatever the instructions for the adhesive tell me to...) On this particularly sized rim I needed to add a 1" size strip to finish it off...

Step 9:

You will end up with a rim like this... I apologize for not having pics of the top, but what I did was to cut a piece of old paneling to be used as a template to cut the top boards... Once done, you lay out (3) boards, put the template on top, draw around it with a pencil, and remove your template... You then take your (3) boards and cut along the pencil line with a jigsaw... What you're left with are boards that fit the contours of the rim... (Tip # 2 - The part of the centre of the rim that is closest to the outside of the rim, is the side that these boards are attached to...) Follow the procedure described above to prep this area of the rim for bonding the boards to it...

Step 10:

This is the finished job with (2) coats of stain applied... (Note that I drilled a hole in the centre of the top to allow for drainage of the planter itself...)

Step 11:

This is just showing you the finished product beside what I started with...

Step 12:

This shows the planter stand and its intended use...

Step 13:

The old address sign was then re-done to compliment the new planter stands...

I hope you enjoy building your own planter stand, it's a fun and fairly easy project & looks great when it's all done...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is a planter stand that looks like it will hold up, ingenious! Thank you!

    Beast Lee
    Beast Lee

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks putternut, and you're correct it will really hold up...!!!

    Beast Lee
    Beast Lee

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You are most welcome... It's a fun little project...!