How to Build a Ramp




Introduction: How to Build a Ramp

Why would you build a ramp? Well, this is a ramp for beginner BMX, skateboard and scooter riders. This ramp is good for anybody who wants to learn some tricks or just have fun and mess around. It is an easy way to build a ramp that takes about 30 minutes to build.

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need...
1) 2-5 pieces of 2X4 scrap lumber (more wood for a higher jump)
2) A flat piece of plywood for your platform that is at least 3/8 of an inch thick (so it can hold you and your equipment)  make your platform about 16 inches wide and 28 inches long
3) Marker
4) 4-8 screws  (varying in size to accommodate ramp)
5) Drill.
6) Hand saw.
7) Square ruler to make right angle lines that make proper cuts
8) Spray paint (optional)

Step 2: Marking

Line the 2X4s up, take the platform, line it up on one side of the 2X4s, mark the the other side of the 2X4s with the marker to show where to saw off the extra wood, use the right angle ruler to make your lines straight.

Step 3: Cutting 2X4

Cut excess wood to line 2X4 up with the platform.

Step 4: Stacking 2X4

Stack the the 2X4s up (this makes the incline so it launches you further, the more stack the more elevation.)

Step 5: Marking 2X4's to Screw

Take the marker,  draw were you are going to screw in to secure.

Step 6: Drilling the 2X4s Together

Take the 2X4s and drill them up so that the 3-2X4s are stuck together.  You could use 2-5 pieces but I'm using 3


Step 7: Adding Platform to Base and Attaching

Take the flat peice of wood (platform) and set it up so that it is lined up with the 2X4 stack (remember you drilled them together).  Use the drill to screw in the screws so now the ramp is solid. (hint:make sure the screws are solid and none of the ramp is going to
fall apart.)  


Step 8: Metal Piece

Place metal at the end of ramp to allow for wheels to ride over bump.

Step 9: Spray Painting

(optional) you can take the spray paint and put designs on it to make it cool.

Step 10: The Fun Part

Now RIDE!!!!!!! Learn to do your favorite tricks and impress people with your new begginer ramp.


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You can cancel the bump at the start, so its fit for scooters too by placing a thin bendy piece of metal on the start, bend it so there is no bump at the start. Awesome project !


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's a good ramp, but you should add attach a plank to the raiser and the bottom of the ramp.