Introduction: How to Bypass Any Web Filter on a Web Filtered Computer.

This is my first instructable so hopefully I did this right. You can bypass any web filter in 3 easy steps with little effort.
Here are some things you need:
1. A computer...
2. Access to Google or a web browser
3. A good way of attracting no suspicion to your screen (e.g. teacher wants to know what your doing)

Step 1: Getting to the Download.

Go to Google and search "Tor download". It should come up with something like the picture below. Click on the link with that name. If its blocked click on the arrow which you can see to the right of the link and select "cached" it should work then.

Step 2: Downloading the Program.

Now when your on the site click on your Operating System (e.g. Mac, Windows) and download Tor Browser Bundle. The download button should look like the image below. Now its time to run it.

Step 3:

To complete the third step follow the video below but first Make sure your downloads folder is open on a windows xp computer since I have had complications in the past with out it open making it not very efficient.