Introduction: How to Changue Oil in Brake and Steering Wheel.

All oils in this systems got a life time period, so for prevent malfunctioning, the better is to changue it.

For avoid doing a hugue mess on this, keep the things very simple and do not dissasembly many parts
I show you how to make a Vaccum oil recovery unit.

You will Need:

A vaccum pump         (Im using an old one I got lying around)
A big glass vessel     (Make shure this is from something as cherrys or any other preserving food)
Two service ports        (This ones are from Refrigeration Service ports)
A piece of hose           (This one is 1/8" clear hose, you can use anything you got.)

Lets get started

Step 1: Assembly the Jar.

This is  a very simple process, you need to drill two holes on the lid of the jar,
put the service ports on it and use some old and trusty epoxy-glue

Let them dry for a few minutes and assembly completly.

Step 2: Get the Rest Done

At this point am just using some scrap cooper tubing and swage to make it
a litte bit more wide than the small hose.

Step 3: The Target

This is the firs of two places were I used this device.

Is the brake fluid reservoir, just close the jar, turn on the pump and put the hose on it.

Step 4: The Results

As you can see, the oil is very brown and dirty.
Considering the brand new fluid is transparent, well you can imagine the degree of contamination.

Step 5: A Small Clip

Here you can see the device in function.

And another... In the steering wheel pump...