Introduction: How to Connect Tda 7052B to Volume Control

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I accidentally bought ic tda 7052b from local electronic store (it should be tda 7052). I had been finding circuit diagram in google for a while but seem the circuit not working so I decided to test it on my own way. Finally, I found the best wiring diagram that works, so I think I must share it to help diy lover like me.

TDA 7052 is 1.2 watt mono bridge-tie load(no need output capacitor), the ic uses only 4 component to operate, so it's a good simple for newbie to expert diy lover.

List of component:

1 TDA7052 B

2 100 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor(C2)

3 10 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor (C3)

4 0.1 uf mks capacitor(C1)

potentiometer(volume control)

6 8 ohms 2 watts speaker( I use 4 ohms without problem).

7 DC source 3-18 volts (5 -9 volts recommend)

Step 1: Don't Remove Input Coupling Capacitor As Red Mark in the Image.

Circuit that publish in the internet not working if you remove input coupling capacitor like I mark in the above image.

If you use tda 7052 circuit diagram as reference you will not make your amplifier working if you use tda 7052 B ic.

Step 2: This Circuit Is Working for Tda 7052 B Ic

First image show working circuit that connect volume control like normal amplifier.

Second image show dc volume control circuit, output signal from music player connect to pin2(input) directly without passing through volume control (Sound may be better in theory because signal not passing through potentiometer)