Introduction: How to Create Doll Clothes?

Is making a dress for your doll cheaper than buying a dress? Creating doll clothes can help little girls who need to rely on their parents for doll clothes and dresses. There parents are not going to want to go out and buy expensive clothes just for a doll. With this  project they can just get some clothes from goodwill or use their old clothes to make new clothes. It will be less expensive and more efficient.

Step 1: Materials

1. Sewing machine/sewing needles
2. White or black thread
3. White fabric
4. Black fabric
5.Any colored ribbon that can be sewn onto a dress ( preferably  pink)

Step 2: Fabric

First you have to find or buy ( if you don’t have ) a white dress or a white tank top that has no lines and is plain. Then you need too find or buy a black skirt that matches the tone of the white dress (I prefer you get the same material as the white shirt for the black dress).

Step 3: Sewing Directions

Then you sew the white tank top to the black skirt so it looks like a dress. After that you need to buy a pink ribbon any design you want (or any colored ribbons you want )unless you happen to have one that can be sewn onto the dress.  When you get the ribbon you need to sew enough on so that it will cover the front of the sewn line ( the line that connects the white tank top and skirt ).

Step 4: Extra/Finish Product

If you and you can add a nice small jacket or something to make your own. After that make sure that you sewing work won’t come undone and that’s how you redesign a dress.

Step 5: Helpful Websites‎‎