Introduction: How to Create an Explosion Globe

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I was trying myself at drawing a comic strip when somehow I came up with the idea for a snow globe type thing called an Explosion globe. So now I have created an Instructable on to create your very own, Explosion Globe.

Step 1: What You Will NHeed

You will need 

Clay that can be hardened and is water proof
Canning jar with a seal on the lid
Hot glue
Aluminum Foil

Hot glue gun
Bakeing Sheet
Paint Brush

Step 2: Working the Clay

To create the explosion start with a lump of clay. Elongate it into a fat snake-ish piece of clay. Pick an end and create a mush room type top for clay. Than take the bottom off and bunch up some aluminum foil so it is like the bottom of the mushroom just not as thick. Than use some of the clay that was on the bottom to wrap around it. Completely cover the aluminum foil. Than replace the bottom of the mushroom cloud to the top. Shape the cloud to look convincing. You could also create little pieces of rubble out of the clay, but unless you are using something with a high viscosity they will sink like a rock as did the cow I created out of clay. Than ether let it harden if it is air hardening clay or cook it, folowing the directions on the box for cooking tempuature and time.

Step 3: Paint It

Paint it any color you want. It doesn't have to be red and yellow it could be purple with pink polka dots if you want.

Step 4: The Jar

Pick a jar that will fit your explosion and have room on the side for the glitter to easily go past. Than wash and dry the jar to get rid of any dust or other stuff inside the jar.

Step 5: Water the Jar

Fill the jar so there is about an inch of air from the top. Than poor some glitter on the top Than hot glue the lid to the explosion and screw it onto the jar. You may want to do this over a sink.

Step 6: Enjoy

What good is decoration if you don't enjoy it? So shake it around and watch as it mystically spins around the mushroom cloud.

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