Introduction: How to Do a Simple Abdominal Matrix (Em's Six Pack Routine)

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Em here with with some great Ab exercises for my friends at!
This routine I am about to share with you is super simple but super effective.

One keyword I will be using often when i explain this is the negative (eccentric contraction).
Allow me to explain what a negative movement when training is. Imagine this, When you do a bicep curl, the lifting movement puts our biceps through a positive motion. As we return the weight to the starting position of the curl by slowly lowering the bar down to the starting position is what is called an eccentric contraction or a negative movement. A negative (eccentric contraction) rapidly increases the intensity of exercise much more quickly than just the positive motion. This is why when I train any body part I focus on the negative way more than the positive motion of the exercise.

During the negative motion, 40% more resistance is placed upon targeted muscle fibers thus increasing your training intensity and places a greater demand on the muscle group. This provides best stimulus for muscle growth, and development. For muscles to grow you need to stimulate them with something they are not normally use to!

Ok, Ok… enough of the technical stuff let’s get down to the nitty gritty! This Abs routine can be done anywhere from your house to the mats at the gym. The exercise speed for this routine is super slow and controlled, especially on the way down (negative movement). The routine should be performed without counting the number of reps in each set. This set is complete when you have attained total abominable muscle failure, meaning you have push your abs to the point where they cannot complete another rep with proper form. Get your mind into it and really push past that burn!

When muscle failure is attained. You when return to a resting position for approximately 6-10 seconds then resume the exercise going to failure once again. This technique is called a rest-pause set. You push your muscle to failure; let it rest for a few seconds then push it to failure again. this is a great way to stimulate muscles.

One set of the following should map out like this

Begin my abs routine, work the abs to muscle failure.

Rest 6-10 seconds then work to failure again. This is called a rest-pause set. Repeat 3 rest pauses bring you abs to failure 3 times. This is considered one set!
Do the same as above with the leg raise version.

Completion of the this routine is when you have completed four full sets of upper and four full sets of lower.
Remember take your Abs to total muscle failure!


Again this routine is simple but it has done wonders for me.

It’s all about focusing and slowing down on the negative movement to reach maximum effectiveness!

Train your abs to failure!

I train my abs 3 days in a row and 2 days off for rest. This works great for me, but i urge you to play around to see what works for you.

I have attached Photo key points of my Ab routine in Manga comic format for you enjoyment! ';]

I have also attached a printable work out log that you can keep track of your progress. You can customize this in Microsoft Word. -> Download link to work out log