How to Download and Make a World in Minecraft for Beginners

Introduction: How to Download and Make a World in Minecraft for Beginners

This instructable will show you how to download minecraft and make a world.

Step 1: Downloading Minecraft

Have a parent help you on this part.

First you need to go to Watch the video. If you haven't made an account you have to make one I believe it's $32 NZD (currency converter) but they have discounts and things like that. To make an account look for Log in | Register.

Click register. Make an account and everything. On the home screen click play the demo to see if you like it and if it works. Then you have to activate your account (If you don't, you play demo). To activate sign in and go to the home screen. There will be a big thing saying Get Minecraft click it. It will ask you to make a mojang account don't do that.

Now then click Click here to sign in. Then sign in. Then ask your parent to use their credit card to pay or can click redeem code. With the credit card just fill in the details. With the code click redeem code. Type in your code.

Next download and install minecraft(They call it the minecraft launcher). Another way to download is on the home screen click Download it here. Select your platform. Then install it. When finished run it if it does not work you need to download java. To download go to java/en/ just download and install then you are ready. Open minecraft and sign in. Then click Play. It will download stuff then it will close. Then open minecraft.

Step 2: Making a World

Click single player and then create new world. Click where it say survival(There is creative you have unlimited stuff and you don't die without using the /kill command. There is survival where you get your own resources and you can die by monsters and stuff. There is hardcoure where it's like survival but when you die it deletes the world.) Untill it says creative then stop. Click more world options and then click where it says normal. Normal is like normal real life with lakes and mountains and trees. Click normal until it says superflat. Superflat is flat so it's great for building things on. When you have selected superflat look for customize which has appeared underneath superflat. Then click it. Then click presets. Normally superflat is 4 blocks deep but you can change that. At the top it has these numbers and code. Well look for where is says: 2xminecraft:dirt change the 2 to how deep you want it in this case i changed it to 100 so it looks like 100xminecraft:dirt. Then click create new world then let it load. There is your world.

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