Introduction: How to Fill a Shape (Word 2013) With Text

Step 1:

1. Open Word, and create a document of text.

For my example I used  =rand(1,10) to create a page of random text. Format the text any way you like, I chose a script font  size 28 and colored some of the text red. Select all of the text, CTRL+A and copy the text, CTRL+C.

2. Open an art program, such as Pixie, make a text box, and paste (CTRL+V) the text from the Word document into the text box. Resize the textbox so it covers the entire page. Save or Export  the Pixie document (picture file) as a .PNG with a transparent background.

Step 2:

 3. Now go back to Word and either delete your text or open an new blank document. Choose Insert, shape, and select your shape, such as a heart.  Create  your shape making it as large as possible.

How to format your shape...

a) While the shape is selected, notice that the drawing tools menu is open. Choose Shape Fill  then "from picture". Navigate to "from a file", and browse to the folder where you saved the .png picture of the text (Pixie file)

b) Click on the file  then click on insert.

c) In drawing tools, choose "shape outline" and select "no outline".

Adjust your new text filled shape, save it and print it.