Introduction: How to Find the Vertex of a Quadratic

The vertex of the quadratic is located at (h, k), where h and k are the numbers in the transformation form of the function.

Step 1: It Helps to Know the Formula for What We're Looking For.

To find the horizontal coordinate of the formula for h, is used.

To find the vertical coordinate the k, formula is used. To find k you need to substitute x for the horizontal coordinate h after it's found.

Step 2: Know Which Parts of the Function Correlate With Their Corresponding Letters

For this example problem 2 = a, -8 = b, and 12 = c.

Step 3: Find H

Use the formula to find h.

Step 4: Find K

After h is found, go back to the original problem and input the answer to h where x is.

Step 5: Finished

After you find h & k write it out in interval notation and pat yourself on the back

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