Introduction: How to Get Out of Campaign Maps in Halo 2

Halo 2 was a game that, for many, was an integral part to their younger years.  My friends and I had a lot of fun just playing the multiplayer and campaign, but whenever that got old, we worked on discovering secrets within the game.  Now, the ability to find skulls in this game has been documented better in other sources.  I've been surprised, however, to note that a detailed set of instructions on how to get out of campaign maps does not exist.  As such, I've decided to set out to describe two of the most interesting places to explore when outside the maps.  For the sake of simplicity I have chosen methods that do not require the "grenade jump" used in other levels to reach higher locals.  (This method basically entails throwing a frag grenade at your feet and jumping right before it explodes, which gives you a boost of a few feet to reach places normally out of reach.)

The two levels that will be used in these instructions are Cairo Station and Delta Halo.  Hopefully, after seeing these methods you will know what to look for in other maps to find your way outside of them.

Step 1: Cairo Station Part 1

Cairo Station is the first map I figured out how to get out of on my own.  For the first part of the level you are inside enclosed spaces, but at a certain point you are allowed to exit and go out into space.  It is this point in the level that allows you to find a fairly simple way to get out.  You'll know you are near this point in the level when you reach the hallway pictured above with the "Umbilicals" painted on the floor. 

Step 2: Cairo Station Part 2

As you walk down the hall you will be confronted by two elites with jetpacks.  They aren't that big an issue and should be easily dispatched.

Step 3: Cairo Station Part 3

Now, before you jump down at the end of the hallway, make note of the ramp directly in front of you.  This ramp makes for one of the simplest, and easily discovered methods of getting out of any of the maps on Halo 2.

Step 4: Cairo Station Part 4

Go ahead and exit the hallway and approach the aforementioned ramp.  You'll notice that it would seem too high to be able to jump onto, but the physics are switched at this point in the level.  You are actually able to jump quite a bit higher than you normally can.  So go ahead and jump directly on the ramp at the lowest part, marked on the picture.  Then proceed up the ramp.

Step 5: Cairo Station Part 5

When you reach the top of the ramp you'll notice the two walkways pictured above.  These actually have invisible walls that prevent you from crossing.  Continuing further past these two walkways though, you will find a jump that is easily made that opens up the entirety of the map to you.  Now that you've made it go ahead and explore.  It's an interesting experience and provides some cool visuals, such as the extra pictures above.

Step 6: Delta Halo Part 1

Delta Halo's secret was discovered completely by accident by a friend of mine.  If you don't know it's there it is easily missed, but with the help of these next steps I hope you can follow this path.  For by far, this has to be one of the largest maps to get out of in Halo 2.

You'll notice in the picture above, this is the very beginning of the level, right after you crash land.  I am facing the hill we will eventually be climbing to find our way out.

Step 7: Delta Halo Part 2

As you round the corner and destroy two turrets with your rocket launcher, you'll find yourself facing this archway.  Continuing under it you'll find a hill, pictured in the second photo.  Make your way up this hill and to the right.  You'll be climbing behind the rocks pictured to the right of the second photo.

Step 8: Delta Halo Part 3

As you see above, we are nearing the key location.  Following the path you'll reach what seems like a dead end at the hill side there.

Step 9: Delta Halo Part 4

Now, approaching the hillside closer as seen above, you will be jumping onto it.  The slope is set in just such a way as to not let you slide off the side.

Step 10: Delta Halo Part 5

Now, when you are on the slope, start to approach the top edge of the hill.  Just walking at this point will meet you with a rather light invisible wall that will push you backwards.  In order to pass this small hurdle, just jump as you approach the top.  This may take some getting used to the feel for when the invisible wall will actually hit you, but within a few tries you should have made it over this obstacle.  You'll know you are outside the map immediately, with a close inspection of the "trees" that were in front of you.

Step 11: Delta Halo Part 6

Continue on the hill and you'll find yourself with a huge and mostly empty environment to play with.  Go ahead and explore.  Be prepared though, it does take a while to reach some of the distant places.

Now that you've seen these go ahead and examine other levels and try to find your way out.  It just takes determination and awareness.  Give it a try.