Introduction: How to Get Pumped Before a Basketball Game.

Do you want to get pumped before a basketball game? Listening with an iPod or a iPad could get you more pump for your big game.

Step 1: Getting Pumped

It could get you excited,sad,hyper,and pump for your game. If you listen to music it gets you stoked. In the game you will be ready to play. Follow the directions below too learn how to listen to music with an IPod.

Step 2: Buying Ipods

First you will need to set up your iPod or iPad. After you set it all up you need to create a Apple ID account for your iPod or iPad.

Step 3: Things You Will Need to Listen to Music

First you will need a iPod. You will also need a case to protect your iPod or. You need to but earphones for your iPod to listen to music. You will need a card to buy all of your favorite music you want.

Step 4: You Are Not Scared to Lose

Finally, you start buying music that gets you pumped for your basketball game. You can buy all of your favorite songs that you like. Then you download the music so you can start listening with your iPod.

Step 5: Warnings & Tips

Warning your music will take 20-30 minutes to download. If kids under age 3 are listening to your iPod it may be intense for them. And your iPod mat freeze up when you start listening to it.