Steampunk Modified TFT Monitor

Introduction: Steampunk Modified TFT Monitor

I found a brilliant idea to give plastic surfaces a wooden finish.
My daughters worked with napkins to build some Christmas cards and gifts.
I watched them and had the idea to use the same technique on a TFT monitor.

TFT monitors are a bit hard to "Steampunk" :-)

You can paint it with brass or copper paint.
You can dismantle it and build a wooden stand.

Or you use paper napkins and wax stain.

An it´s very, very easy!

Step 1: What You Need

  • A TFT Monitor (I obtained one from eBay)
  • Paper napkins
  • Glue (e.g. ART POCH)
  • Some brass parts
  • Wax stain (I used wax stain from SELVA)
  • Brass paint

Step 2: Dismount the TFT and Preparing the Buttons

Dismount the TFT monitor.
Carefully remove the plastic push buttons and paint them with brass paint. (Picture three)
My TFT has two speakers behind an ugly plastic grid. I removed them and added brass grids. (Picture three)

Step 3: Preparing the Case of the TFT

Peel the layers from the paper napkins. But the printed layer away for other projects. (May be a picture radio)
Attach a minimum of three layers using the special glue.
Let everything dry.
Then stain the parts with wax stain. Let the stain dry.
I stained the parts three times.
Use a shoe brush to polish the parts.

Attach some brass parts to make it pretty. :-)

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    Winged Fist
    Winged Fist

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great technique Mr. Steam! I might try something like this on my tablet... I'm sure this monitor would go very nicely with a desktop computer with a dragon with glowing red eyes!;-)


    Wow! I normally frown upon plastics being used in the steampunk aesthetic, but your technique looks amazing! Though I would only use this technique on large areas plastic if I didn't have the time or money to use wood... otherwise this technique is perfect, especially if used for small pieces...

    Aeon Junophor
    Aeon Junophor

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hello Horatius.Steam

    Very coool !!! Delicious ideed!

    Great idea to use this technique.
    My wife and i are deeply impressed. Try to do it in that way too.
    Yours Aeon Junophor