Introduction: How to Help Yourself Remember or Not Forget

Many people forget things and they try to remember them but they end up failing to do so. If you forget too much, it can be a problem for you later in the future. In order to help your brain function better on memories and to help yourself from bad outcomes and illness like dementia or Alzheimer, you should practice on remember things and not forgetting things. The following is some examples you can do to help yourself. Dementia and Alzheimer  can be a serious outcome for you when you become old. It is indeed sad and painful to start forgetting things. If you have any questions please comment! Other comments are also love !! Thank you!!

Step 1: Most Common and Simple Way, Jolting Down a List

 Most common people do to remember things or not forget things is to write them down in a list. I do it all the time because I always forget also. The most important thing is that where you write the list down is safe. You always have to keep in mind that you do have a list and that you will always have a list. Don't use just some scrap piece of paper. Buy a notepad, diary, schedule book, planner, or papers that you always keep them in one place. Don't wait to write down things. Write whatever you have to know as soon as you hear it or remember it. 

Step 2: Make a Map of Where You Keep Things

 Most people lost things and they have to dig up their whole house just to find it. This is because you replace your items and you forget about where it was. You think it's in a certain place, but when you check, you end up not finding it. In order to know where you keep your things and where you left them, you should draw a map. The important thing about this map is to tell you what is inside what. Therefore, it is good to always place back your things from where you get them. Even though you are lazy, you rather know where you things are in the future. The map can be simple. If you need to remember what's in the refrigerator then draw a picture that resembles it. Then write down in the paper which food is placed in which location of the refrigerator.  You can do this to cabinets, drawers, bags, desks, and many more. 

Step 3: Use Your Opposite Body

 There is a study where using your opposite side of the body can also help with your memory. For example, if you are right-handed, use your left hand and vice versa. This is because there are different parts of the brain used when using your left or right body. The left brain functions for your right side of the body and  your right side of the brain for your left side of the body. If you use the hand that you are comfortable with only, then the other side of your brain won't function. Not always, but when you get the time, use your opposite body also so that both sides of your brains can function at somewhat an even amount. At first, it may be very uncomfortable, but you will be able to manage it soon enough. 

Step 4: Replay Your Memory and Picture It

 It's good to replay the stuff that you have to remember in your memory. It's like trying to remember the lyrics of the song. You keep replaying it in your memory again and again. For example, if you have something you have to tell someone like "Buy three large size cappuccino", replay it in your memory again.  While replaying the words in your mind, picture it. Thing of three cups of cappuccino, and that their size is really large. Best way to remember is to know what the color is, what it is, the size, and how many. Best not to get distracted it. If you think you are going to get distracted, then write it down somewhere and keep on reading the paper. 

Step 5: Closing Remarks

 There is not much that I listed down to help, but I find these steps quite useful. I do them also because I don't have a long term memory also. The easy way I remember it is connecting the words with pictures and always writing them down where I can find them all in one place. I keep a diary planner and I write anything and everything down so that I would not forget. People who forget to easily or if they forget too often, they will end up have an early stage of Alzheimer faster than you know it. The best way is to keep your brain functioning in all parts. But don't over stress is because that is bad also.