Introduction: How to Hit Out of a Sand Trap

The following will help you in learning what to do to escape the sand in golf. The stance, grip, and location where your club must enter the sand will be explained. Swing speed is too difficult to determine because each individual is different, so practice is needed to determine.

Rules:Do not ground your club while addressing the ball.
                 Do not test the conditions of the bunker prior to your swing.

Step 1: Stance

Before the swing you must get the proper stance

1.      Open your hips

2.      Leave your front foot open

3.      Dig in your feet

Step 2: Grip

The grip allows you to swing through the sand easier

1.      Open the club face as shown in the picture

          a.       This will look like your aiming to the right of where you actually are

2.      Now take your grip

          a.       Keep the grip loose yet firm to get through the sand but keep the feel of the shot

Step 3: Lie

The lie determines how hard you must swing in order to escape
Use the two pictures provided to determine which lie you have


1.      The ball on top is a easier lie

2.      During the swing you want to enter the sand approximately 3inches behind the ball

3.      Practice this shot to get to know how hard you must swing as everyone swing is different

4.      Remember getting out of the sand is difficult do not expect to master this immediately


1.      A buried lie is very difficult to escape

2.      During your swing you must enter the sand approximately 5inches behind your buried ball

3.      The swing speed on this shot is difficult to determine so practice is needed

4.      Remember a buried lie is the hardest sand shot, practice is needed to get better

Step 4: Follow Through

The final step is to follow through.

Following through is the most important step.