Introduction: How to Improve Your Safety Riding a Bike at Night.

Let's face it: riding a bike at night is dangerous. Being seen is as important as seeing where you are driving. This instructable shows a very quick, easy and cheap way to improve your passive safety.

Step 1: Needs and Deeds....

This instructable is written for road bikes with the ends of the handlebar facing back...

You 'll need :

An old inner tube you don't mind cutting..
A cutting tool..(be carefull with sharp tools..)
One or two led minilights - preferably red..
A little time and effort..

Step 2: Make..

Cut a piece of inner tube about an inch wide (you might need to adjust this according the size of your light).

Step 3: Assemble...

Attach your light to the end of the handlebar using the inner tube ring. Let the beam of the light face backwards.
Feel free to experiment where you like it best (below, above or at the sides of the handlebar) but make sure it can be switched off and on easily.
Do a test drive to find out if you are comfortable with the position of the light(s).

Step 4: Results..Thoughts..

Decide for yourself whether you attach the light(s) only on the left or only on the right half of the handlebar - or on both sides. If traffic usually overtakes your left, you might consider attaching the light also on the left side for better visability.

I advice to use these "handlebarlights" as extra/backup, while you still keep using your standard light on the back of your bike (as I do).
I've had a bad experience with a broken tail light in the dark, without me knowing about it. This way I can see for myself whether my lights are working in good order or not.

Of course, one could apply an adhesive like duct tape to attach the lights, but the idea is easy on/off in case one wants to clean the bike, or replaces the batteries or so....

For the viewers that noticed: yes, I use an old inner tube to wrap my handlebar (over the original). It's cheap and comfortabel and keeps the vibrations to a minimum.

Keep it safe and happy rides!