Introduction: How to Install Sound System in Car - IPhone or IPod

Stuff you need:

-Blitzsafe adapter. This is the one you need link

-8mm socket or wrench

-2 zip ties

Step 1: What You Need ?

Stuff you need:

- Blitzsafe adapter. This is the one you need link

- 8mm socket or wrench

- 2 zip ties

Step 2:

To start off you will need to remove the center console. To do that pull the chrome piece under the shift nob pull that down then unscrew the shift nob. Then pull the bottom part of the center console off. Then on the bottom end of the upper console there will be two screws that you need to take out. If you have big hands it sucks cause its tight and be careful not to drop the screws into the deep dark area we call the transmission.You will need an 8mm socket and small ratchet or a closed end wrench or whatever you want to use.

Step 3:

Once you get those out you can start taking the upper console out. Start from the bottom end and make your way up. Pull gently till it comes out sometimes you need to pull hard just dont break it.Then pull it out like this..

Step 4:

then on the back there will be one empty 14 pin spot. Put the connector in there

Step 5:

Next take your zip ties and strap the box to the frame of the radio and make sure that it wont be in the way of anything when you put the console back in place.Note. This is where i had the box strapped on. sitting right above the transmission. You can see it right away when you take the shift boot off.

Step 6:

Now plug in your Ipod and make sure that it works and everything is good. Then route the wire how ever you want it to go i put it through the empty plug thats opposite the flasher button.Then put the console back in and shift nob on and your ready to go!

Thank you.

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