Introduction: How to Jailbreak With Redsn0w on a IPod 5.1 Fixed

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Has jailbreaking been a instrest for a while? Do you want safe, worry free jailbreaking? Do you want to slip out of apples hands and unlock what your iDevice was hidding? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, keep reading; For you can be guided by me help! This jailbreak process is simple and worry free. If you need help, click the link below for a video on how to do it if this is too hard. Also, some stuff on cydia is free while ohers you need to pay for. There are so-called sources that can make stuff on cydia free, BUT IT IS ILLIGAL TO DO THAT! If you don't wanna pay,  just do the free stuff. THE VID IS NOT MINE! THIS IS ON 5.1! D you want a link to the download? Here is the link from Greenp0ison:
Video link:

Step 1: What Is Tethered and Non-tethered

Ok so first you need to now what tethered means. It basicly means to plug in you iPod and go onto the just boot mode. NOTE: You only have to do that if your iPod is dead or you turn it totally off. Make sure you do the following

1>Turn you ipod off completely
2>Hold the power button for 10 seconds
3>Continue to hold the power button and also hold the home button for 3 secconds
4>Let go of the power button and hold the home for rest of the loading sequence.

NOTE: you also have to do this when you are installing it

Step 2: Download Redsn0w

This is the easiest process. Here is the like to the webs site.
It is important that you sync your iPod before following the next steps.
Make sure you download the right version for you computer.
To check you computer version, go on to cmd and read the begining until you find the windows version.
After you install Redsn0w to the computer, open up the part that has redsn0w. A slection should pop up

You are done with this step!

Step 3: Downloading Onto the IPod

Ok here is the hard part. plug in your ipod and turn it completely turn it off.

Click jailbreak and do the procedure as shown on step one; Whats tethering. Then you can let go of it and set your iPod down. Once you see random words in white and a black background pop up leave it alone. After that, You will see a pineapple runing. LOL WUT?
Now you are done.

Step 4: Last and Most Vital Step

What happend after you slide to unlock. Well, you can't open up safari or cydia. Now turn your ipod off, click extras, then click just boot.
Do the procedure on step one and you are done! Congrats! You are officaly a H4X0R!!!!.

Step 5: The Great Dissicion

You need to open cydia and choos wisely what option you chose. I recommend you chose the third one on the right.

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