Introduction: How to Light a Pipe With a Hammer.

This is an old blacksmithing trick, by hitting a small bar hard and fast you can eventually get it hot enough to light a pipe. Note* We do not encourage or endorse smoking in any way. For entertainment purposes only.

Tools and materials



1/4" mild steel bar


Step 1: Hit the Bar With the Hammer.

Hit it hard and steady, rotating it 90 degrees with each hit to slowly draw it into a point.

Step 2: Keep Hitting It.

Seriously, it's going to take a bit. Keep hitting it, eventually you will see it change colour.

Step 3: Light Pipe.

Quickly take your now hot bar and light you pipe with it.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Pipe.

Savoir your pipe and enjoy the looks of disbelief and admiration from those around you.

Step 5: Tips.

Use soft, mild steel anything else will shatter.

Use a medium large hammer, something you can swing steady for a minute.

Use two people if you have to, one holding the rod, one swinging the hammer.

This actually does work. The bar was cold when I started. Try it for yourself before you claim it's impossible. If you still think it's impossible, find an old blacksmith and see if they can do it.