Introduction: How to Make Earring From Old Solved Wire Puzzle

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I love to solve puzzle, ever since i was a kid, but there are some puzzle which are of no use once you solve them.

Wire puzzle is one of them.

One you take the two piece out of each other they become so useless.

Last week I ordered some fishhook for my LED earring Project, so i had some spares left with me.

As i have a habit of tinkering, i tried to see if i could make Earrings out of the wire puzzles i had solved.

When i showed it to my sister,she took the best piece at first place and immediately wore it to a party,all her friends appreciated a lot about her earring ,

Some of her friend even wanted for themselves, so i thought i should share this .

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Step 1: Things You Will Need to Make the Earring

Here are the thing you will need for this project

So the first thing we should do is solve the puzzle, luckily i had solved this years ago.

Also the puzzle i had was 12 piece set so shapes may vary according to kit.
Basically wire puzzle comes in abstract shapes and is made of galvanized aluminum

which is both light and rust-free that makes it ideal for making Earrings.

Suggestion.You can also make random abstract photography .

Whatever the using of wire puzzle avoids bending of wire as the wire comes in already in good bend shapes

also the shapes are rigid and comes in pairs

Step 2: Attach the Hook to the Puzzle Wire

This is the most simple step according to me, choose the wire shape you will work on.

Thanks to My old friend Scorpio it was easy to choose the design.

I really like this one as it has some old Greek look,my earring hook's bottom ring was a little bigger in diameter. it fitted perfectly on the puzzle wire.

But if it is more use the nose plier to enlarge the bottom

ring and make it fit for the puzzle wire diameter.

Step 3: Try Other Pieces and Also the Giveaway

Now its repeat the same with all the other pieces.
The more the puzzle the more is the fun in making them .
I and my sister made around 10 pairs of them and distributed among
other people as puja gift,
Really its a wonderful way to gift someone in a festive season.

Ok Here is good news for all

Give Away
I will be giving away for some pairs of the Earrings as gift for Puja

let me know who wants one

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