How to Make Makko, a Hide a Roll Bear, for Your Future Ex Husband by Klingon Vanna White.

Introduction: How to Make Makko, a Hide a Roll Bear, for Your Future Ex Husband by Klingon Vanna White.

How to make Makko, a hide a roll bear as a gift for your future Ex Husband as seen on Speakeasily

1. Go on Ebay and search for vintage cloth Kewpie Doll faces.
2. Find clown ones. OOooh extra creepy.
3. Buy one before you go to bed.
4. When you wake up in the morning decide that you need to have another and buy one.
5. Think for a few minutes before deciding that you can’t live knowing there is yet another one out there in the world, and then buy the last one.
6. After all that, have the balls to ask the seller to combine shipping for your creepy clown faces. You did them a favor anyways. Those things were just scaring the crap out of them.
7. Your bodyguard suggests that you need to have the bear make sounds so you make a trip to Radioshack and order little digital sound devices with buttons.

Step 1: Girth Height of Bear

8. Take about a yard fun fur from your fun fur collection or go to the fabric store if you’re lame and don’t already have 6 types to choose from. Forget that, don’t go to the store. WTF didn’t you ever go to burning man? Take some nasty fun fur garment out of the closet that you’ll never wear again, shake the playa out of it, and recycle that sucker. Why are you keeping that anyways? Every time you look at it you remember the time in the desert when you were on X (Oh you are contributing to deforestation by taking that drug btw) and you lost your girlfriend and ended up in someone else’s tent who wasn’t nearly as attractive in the morning and later managed to find you on Facebook and write something inappropriate on that photo of you and your mom and your girlfriend got pissed off because even though you’re poly you got involved with a crazy. Why do you want to put yourself through that every time you get dressed up like a casual corporate monkey to go to your day job at Google/apple/twitter/zynga? Take charge! Cut that burning man crap up and make some new memories. OK? Now find some scraps of felt for contrast for the ears and feet toe pads.
9. Take your preferred roll of toilet paper and measure around its girth. That’s right. I said "girth". It can actually be used in civilized conversation.
10.  Take that measurement and divide it by 2 and add 2 inches to it. That’s how WIDE each side of your bear should be.
11.  Figure out how TALL your bear should be. It should be at least as tall as the roll of toilet paper with enough room for the sound device and it’s arms.

Step 2: CLAWS. Form.

12. OH yeah arms with claws. Take some friendly plastic and make 8 claws. Heat up the bottom and put wire in it. I used fabric covered millinery wire. After they cool, dip them in red paint for blood.
13. Take craft foam scraps and trace the roll of toilet paper on it and cut out the circle. Take the battery and trace it and cut out the shape for the battery.
14. Draw a bear shape on a piece of paper as wide as the measurement in step 10 and as tall as the measurement in step 11. It will kind of look like a ginger bread bear. Cut off the head of the pattern, put it on a scrap of fun fur folded in half with the nap pointing downwards and cut two pieces. IMPORTANT: add ½ inch at the neck for a seam allowance. Sorry if this isn’t making sense, perhaps you should rethink your recreational drug habits (see step 9).

Step 3: Kewpie Face

15. Sew the contrast for the ears on one piece of the bear. This will be your bear’s face side.
16. Put the two pieces of fun fur, fur facing inwards and sew around the edges LEAVING THE NECK OPEN.
17. Cut a hole in the face side big enough to put the kewpie face in without pushing all the way through. Turn head right side out. Put a line of acid free glue around the edge of the kewpie face and carefully put inside of the bear head facing the hole. Push the edges of the hole down around the face and press down to adhere the edges of the fur to the face. Set aside.

Step 4: Bear Body Construction and RANT About the Globalization of Labor and Our Society's Stupid Notions About the Value of a Person's Labor.

18. Cut out two pieces for the bear body, adding 1/4 inch for a seam allowance, and adding about an inch on the ends of the paws for a seam allowance. Sew a contrast on the tummy and paws. Make sure you take into account that there is a selvage on the ends of the paws and don’t sew the contrast paw pads too close to the edge. Place both pieces fur sides together and sew up the sides leaving the ends of the paws, neck and bottom open.
19. With the body inside out and the bear head rightside out, put the bear head inside of the body with the contrast pieces facing each other. The bear’s face should be looking at the contrast tummy piece. Sew them together. Turn right side out. Set aside.

RANT RANT RANT: OH and if you think this is boring or hard to understand and you're in some high paid white collar tech job maybe you should remember THIS the next time you're trying to talk some LOCAL artist down on their prices because you're spoiled by China's cheap labor. Gee what's it going to be like when we start outsourcing engineering to china and india more??? What? You think you're skilled labor??? IT'S ALL SKILLED LABOR F**&ER!!!! WE ALL DESERVE A LIVING WAGE AND JUST BECAUSE CURRENT SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS MAKE IT SO YOU ARE PAID MORE DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE BETTER. EVERYONE F$%#ING WEARS CLOTHES. NOT EVERYONE USES APPLE/TWITTER/ZYNGA/GOOGLE SO SCREW YOU KLOWN. Sorry if you feel this doesn't apply to you. Not sorry. 

Step 5: Claws, Arm and Body Support Sound Etc.

20. Cut out a foam piece for the arms to tape the claws to. Tape the claws to the foam, use the wire to curl them in the shape you want. Set aside.
21. Find a thick piece of scrap paper tube (I used a tube from a roll of fabric) or a dowel and cut it to the height of the bear. Tape it to the round piece of foam kind of towards the back kinda. It’s not an exact science. You’re basically making a form to hold the shape of the bear.
22. Record the sound that you want the bear to have. Read the instructions. I cut the recording button off and shorted and deleted my recording. I had to put the two wires for the recording on switch together and record it again and again while trying not to breathe or laugh. Should be easy for you if you’re an Engineer. As a kid when you weren’t burning ants with a magnifying glass you made your own electronics. GOOD LUCK A$$*%LE. ☺
23. Tape the bear claws onto the paper tube at the correct height. Glue the button to the form of the paw. Lightly stuff the bear with scraps of fabric, stuffing, foam, glow webbing from the Halloween store, cat fur, whatever, leaving enough room for the toilet paper and the tube and the round foam piece.

Step 6: Start Forming the Bear

24. Pull the outer body of the bear over the tubing. Gently put the sound device into the bear with the button around the paw and reach in and glue the button. Push the stuffing away from the sound device and bring the speaker close to the front of the bear’s chest. Put in more stuffing if needed. Pull the battery through the battery hole so it doesn’t get lost.
25. Glue the fur around the foam circle. Tuck the battery in. Tuck the edges of the fun fur back in around the paws and glue and hand sew it to show off the claws being careful NOT to put too much fabric over the buttons.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

26. Decide that Makko needs big fluffy feet. Each foot is three pieces. Two sides the shape of a bear leg and foot and an oval bottom. Sew contrast toe pads on the oval bottom. Put the leg sides together right side facing in and sew it. Put the oval bottom right side facing in and sew it to the foot. Turn right side out, stuff, and sew to the bottom of the bear.
27. Shove the roll of toilet paper into the bear cavity and write a thank you card for all the years you wasted with your crazy future ex husband.

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