Introduction: How to Make Okonomiyaki With Pork

If you ever been to a sushi restaurant then you probably have seen the "Takoyaki" which is fried octopus ball. Not many people have ever heard of Okonomiyaki but it's really similar to the Takoyaki because it's served and made with almost the same ingredient.  Have you ever found that a serving of the Takoyaki is too small and after finishing your dishe, you want more? The okonomiyak is your solution to it.
Okonomiyaki is a type of japanese dishe that's usually called the japanese pancake but it's more similar to an omelette.
There are many types of style to okonomiyaki that are from different part of japan. i will be showing you how to make the osaka style okonomiyak which is made with cabbage.
"Okonimi" means whatever you like so for this version as the title stated, it's going to be made with pork. 

Step 1:

Step 2: Requirements

- Frying Pan
- Spatula

All ingredient can be purchased at your local Asian market
- Cabbage
- Green onions
- Pork slices
- Okonomiyaki Flour
- Tenkasu(fried wheat flour)
- Eggs

- Kewpie Mayonnaise
- Okonomiyaki Sauce
- Bonito Flakes(dried octopus flakes)
- Seaweed flakes

Step 3: Preparations

The preparation are really simple since majority of the ingredient you will buy doesn't need any prep.
1) chop 300 grams of cabbage into 3cm size peices
2) chop 2 stalk of green onions
3) Slice your pork in to very thin slices(I bought my pork already sliced)
Optional: You can replace this with bacon if you prefer bacon over pork slices.

Step 4: The Mixture

WARNING: This may get messy.
These are measurement is for 2 people
1) Add 100 gram of okonomiyaki flour into a large bowl
2) Add in 1 cup of water(for every 100 gram of flour you add in 1 cup of water).
3) Mix until you get a watery consistency. 
4) Add in the cabbage
5) Add in the tenkasu
6) Add in the eggs
7) Mix until everything is evenly covered
The mixture shouldnt be too watery or else it would break when it's cooking.

Step 5: Pan Frying

1) Turn the stove on to medium heat
2) Using a napkin oil the pan
3) Pour half of the mixture into the pan
4) Add the pork slices on top
5) Flip over when golden brown on the other side(This should take about 3min)
CAREFUL!: Make sure to do this as slow as possible or else it would rip apart.
6) Frie for another 3min and then turn off the stove.

Step 6: Decorate

The final part is probably the most exciting part because you get to decorate your okonomiyaki however you want. Traditionally there are Kewpie mayo, okonomiyak sauce, seaweed flakes, and bonito flakes.Enjoy!