Introduction: How to Make Silver Fish and Peanuts!

This will be an Instructable for making Silver Fish with Peanuts!

This dish is great for an appetizer or as a snack for everyone!


Experience with cooking

About 1 hours of time to prepare the entire dish 

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials


Sea Salt (1/4 tsp)

Pure cane sugar (1/2 tsp)

Vegetable oil (4 cups)

Cooking wine (1 T)

White pepper powder (1/4 tsp)

Dried anchovies (7 oz) (200g)

Salted Peanuts (2 2/3 oz)

Minced garlic cloves (1 T)

Green onions (2 T)


Chili pepper (2T)



Cutting board


Metal Pan


2-4 Plates

Step 2: Washing/Preperation

Be sure to wash your hands before starting to handle the food!

Take the anchovies and wash them in a pan thoroughly, then drain the water out of the pan. Some anchovies may contain a large amount of sodium. If this is the case, keep them soaked in water for a while.

Wash your parsley, red peppers, and green onions.

Step 3: Cutting

Wash your cutting board before you begin to use it!

Grab your cutting board and begin by butting off the tops of the red chili peppers.
Chop the red peppers into smaller bits. Put those aside on another plate.

Rinse the cutting board, take the minced garlic and cut the tops off of them.
Chop the garlic into smaller bits. Put those aside onto the same plate as the peppers.

Rinse the cutting board one last time, take the green onions and cut the ends off them.
Chop the green onions into smaller bits. Put those aside onto the same plate as the onions and peppers.

Step 4: Stove Preparation

Be careful when the stove has been fully heated!

Take the wok and place it on top of your stove. Heat the stove to 180 degrees C (350 degrees F).

Add the vegetable oil into the wok.

You can use chopsticks to determine when the wok is fully heated. When the oil starts to bubble, then you will be ready to place your ingredients in.

Step 5: Silverfish Cooking

Oils may spit out randomly!

Taking your anchovies, place all of them into the wok and begin to stir it around. Breaking apart the fishes. (They may stick so be sure to stir well!)

Do this until they are a golden color. 

Step 6: Adding Ingredients Into Wok

Taking all of your ingredients you chopped up (Red peppers, minced onions and green onions), place all of it into the wok.

Mix it around for about 30 seconds.

After mixing, take your ladle and scoop all of the contents into a metal pan. 

Step 7: Final Additions

Add the salt, sugar, white pepper, cooking wine, and peanuts into the pan and mix.

Step 8: Placement/Decoration

Take a plate of your choice and transfer everything into the middle.

Place the parsley around the dish for a nice green accent.

Step 9: Finished!

You're now finished! Congratulations!

Enjoy your tasty dish!