Introduction: How to Make T-rex Skull Lamp

Hy everyone:) My first instructable was a Jurassic Park theme led lamp. I earned some experience while i did that lamp and i decided i'll make a better one or an other one. I hope you will enjoy this new project:) So let's start:

Step 1: What You Need! ( or I Used These)

Materials what you need:

  • 50x25x2 cm wood board
  • 50x50x0,4 cm plywood
  • 15 diffused led (I used Blue, but you can choose the best colour for you)
  • some cable for soldering the circuit
  • 9v battery
  • 9v battery clip
  • switch (on/off type)

Tools what i used:

I used simple handtools, but if you have professional tools you can make this lamp much easier and faster:)

  • Orbital jigsaw
  • Hand wood saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood file
  • Drill
  • Work Bench
  • Wood burning pen(not necessary but with it looks cool the template)
  • Glue gun(+ glue gun stick one half was enough for me)
  • some round wire nail

And I searched a T-rex skull silhouette. I made the template based on this. You can download the template from here:)

Step 2: Template

As you see i used the wood burner pen to draw the template on the board. That was a pine board so it had a nice smell. But you can use a simple pencil.

Step 3: Cutting,drilling,filing,grinding...

I made a picture every steps. So as you see i round cut the template with the orbital jigsaw and I used it for the teeth(that was a tricky part). For the holes i used the drill and the round, flat wood file. For the wood thorns i used the sandpaper.

After the skull I hade to make the box for the fundament. I cut the plywood with the orbital jigsaw and a hand wood saw because it's much weaker than the board. And I also needed to make a holder for the skull's verso. (You can see on the 7th picture I draw a spare template on the other half of the board for the case if I spoil this one. But I did not:) )

I needed:

2pcs 5x9,2cm for the sides

2pcs 25x5cm for the front side and the verso.

1pcs 9,2x25cs for the bottom side.

1pcs 9,2x25 for the the top (but I made it from the wood board) And i drilled a hole in it for the cables.

I hammerd together the sheets with the wire nails.

Step 4: The Lighting

I using Leds for a while so I learned a rule from the practice : You can operate a led without a resistor from 3 volt. So I soldered 3 leds together. I made it five times. And wiring them in parallel. So from a 9v battery I operate 15 leds. And they are very bright. I used diffused leds becasue look cooler in this case. I organized the wires and soldered them together. At the end i have only 2 wires (because the parallel wiring). Put them in the box's hole and one of them soldered to the switch the other one was soldered to the battery. (Of course the switch other pin was soldered the battery other pins). For the finel step was the sticking. The skull is really light so I stick it to the top of the box and stick the switch for the "switch hole".

Step 5: Finish:)

So I have finally finished the lamp and the result looks so cool.(In my opinion)

Thanks for watching. And I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you liked this intstructable pls vote me in contest:)

If you have any question just leave a comment and I will answer as soon as i can.

And if you interested in these kind of lamps you can also look my other lamp(the jurassic park led lamp from this link:Jurassic lamp)

Have a nice day:)!

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