Introduction: How to Make a 360 Video Game Pc Steering Wheel

360 steering wheel PC Joystick instruction

Buy any joystick steering wheel (broken electronic is better because cheaper): Hardware must be working.

I made it at the techshop

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Step 1: PC Steering Wheel Prep

Gut out of all electronics components out of steering wheel

Step 2: Install Steering Wheel

Take out joystick shell and install your joystick on your machine

Step 3: Mouse

Get an old classic ball mouse

Step 4: Mouse Prep

open mouse and take out mouse ball

Step 5: Mouse Prep Part 2

take out the vertical axis mouse rod

Step 6: Mouse Prep Part 3

install rubber band onto horizontal mouse rod axis

Step 7: Mouse Install Part 1

install mouse up side down onto the steering column and hot glue 

Step 8: Mouse Install Part 2

install rubber band around steering column

Step 9: Mouse Sensitivity Adjustment

Adjust your mouse sensitivity option in your computer settings.

I made it at the techshop