Introduction: How to Make a 3D Topographic Map

I created a 3D topographic map because in my class we where to make maps of an area which a non-fictional book we where reading where taking place in. So I wanted to be different than the rest thus I made a topographic but I took it a step farther and made a 3D topographic map. I created this map at home yet did some research at school using clay wood, aluminum foil and additional tools using some experience that I had with working with wood and art from elementary school. I learned in the whole process about topographic maps, a bit a spray painting, how being different or making something different from the rest will result in the specific recognition from the teacher.  (and I got a 100 for my work :) )

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Spray Paint
Aluminum Foil
Any flat surface sturdy enough to support map (wood, cardboard, etc.)
Crafting knife

Step 2: Measuring

1st thing that you must do is measure your base layer.
Once you measure your base layer you must decide on a scale to use before you model you clay I made it about 100 meters per half millimeter 
Your scale will be dependent on how large your map will be, how much detail you would like to have, and really overall how much patience you have.

* Remember to keep your scale the same for the whole map do not switch and base it open your 2D topographic map*

Step 3: Apply Layers

For each contour line you should have a layer and base each layer on the scale

Step 4: Round Edges

Next you must round the edges by gently taking your finger around each area which you applied a layer and applying pressure 

Step 5: Add Details

Using your crafting knife and turf (if your map is supposed to have vegetation)
A crafting knife is also helpful when cutting clay
Your map should be finished now but be creative add anything to the details that you would like make this unique to yourself

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