How to Make a Buffalo by Gavin

Introduction: How to Make a Buffalo by Gavin

This is the first time I made a wood toy. I learned to use different tools from woods class to complete this buffalo. I have never used a router machine before this project and it was really cool. I chose to make a buffalo because growing up I was fascinated with how strong a buffalo is. Here are some steps for everyone to follow.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

These are the tools and materials needed to complete this buffalo:

  1. Bandsaw- for cutting out the template and toy.
  2. Drill press- for cutting the axle holes.
  3. ¼” drill bit
  4. 1” belt sander
  5. Router table with ¼” round bit
  6. Axles and wheels
  7. Wood glue
  8. Paint
  9. 2”x6” wood
  10. ¼” plywood

Step 2: Find a Picture of a Buffalo

Go on the internet and find a picture of a buffalo the important part is the animal should be recognizable from the side view. When you get find the right picture print it out the size you want the toy to be. After trace the animal so it looks like a cartoon so it could be bigger.

Step 3: Make a Template

Place the cut out piece of paper on the 1/4” plywood and trace the animal. Then cut out the plywood with the band saw to make the template a sturdy than just a piece of paper.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Buffalo

Place the template on the 2x6” wood and cut out the animal. The trick for cutting out the legs is to cut diagonal lines across the legs. After you have the toy cut out drill the axle holes at ¼” drill bit into the bottom of the legs.

Step 5: Router the Edges

Round the edges so that it will be smooth and fit better in a hand.

  1. Test the router with a scrap piece of wood so it can be the right size and not have a lip.
  2. Place the toy edges next to the bit and move from left to right.
  3. Go over all the edges and if there are parts to small then you’ll have to round the edge with a sander.
  4. Make sure to keep all your fingers on the top of the toy for safety.
  5. Sand the entire buffalo so it's smooth and even around the animal.

Step 6: Painting the Buffalo

This is your choice to paint the buffalo any color, but, remember you want to keep the animal looking like it’s still made of wood. Add accents like a face and mouth to help with the identity of the animal.

Step 7: Putting the Wheels On

Put glue in the hole and put the axles and wheels and make sure that there is space between the wheels and the toy so it can roll with ease.

Step 8: Completed Project

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    7 years ago

    really kool, my nephiew would love these