How to Make a High Power 555 Flyback Driver

Introduction: How to Make a High Power 555 Flyback Driver

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Little sparks nevermore! With this optimized driver you have fatty and yellow arcs!

With this driver you will not have many heating issues, but need a heatsink for the MOSFET, almost all reverse flyback outbreaks are filtered by C4, capacitors C5 and C6. Almost all reverse flyback outbreaks are filtered by C4, capacitors C5 and C6. This is the basic circuit, with it, replacing the MOSFET IRFZ48N by a IRFP260N you can play more than 36VDC quietly...

Step 1: Necessary Components

You need:

1x 670 Ohms resistor;

1x 2,1K Ohms resistor;

1x 10nF capacitor (polyester or ceramic);

1x 10 Ohms resistor

2x 100nF capacitor (polyester)

1x 555 Timer IC


1x 2u2 x 400V Capacitor (polyester)

2x 470nF x 275V Capacitor (MKP or "X2" signature, polyester)

1x MUR1560 Diode

1x Heatsink for MOSFET

Optional: Fan for circuit (if you build into a "closed" box)

Step 2: The Circuit

This is the schematics and some components... Flyback Transformer, 555 Timer, Capacitors and the MOSFET...

Remembering: You can use IRFP260N or better for more power... I suggest to use in minimum 5A transformer... Transformers is best than switching power supplys for this circuit! You can play audio in arcs adding a audio jack and replacing 100nF capacitor for a 470nF capacitor in pin 5... Like the picture.

Step 3: Finishing...

This circuit is very efficient and work in >19VDC and 3A... Here, I show to you a vídeo of working project...

Another video in my facebook of a test with IRFP250N MOSFET and 70VDC input... High Power Flyback + IRFP250N

You can change the frequency changing values of R1, R2 and C1, but if you up or down too much the values you can burn the MOSFET...


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    3 years ago

    how a separate power supply can be used for the 555 ic .is only the gnd connected together.......what about the vcc(positive) ....please reply.


    5 years ago

    If I don't plan on using more than 36 volts...can I use the irfp250n cuz Romania in my city I cant find a 260n :(


    Reply 4 years ago

    The vid at the end shows a test with 250n at 70v, its generally even better.


    4 years ago

    Can you help me understand how to use two supplies? I'm just confused as to where the negative of the flyback supply goes, just to ground? So the flyback supply connects to the drain and source, withe the primary and resonant cap/diodes/caps etc and negative to ground?


    5 years ago

    It says that the video doesn't exist...please send me a good link...