How to Make a Simple Multi-strand Necklace




Introduction: How to Make a Simple Multi-strand Necklace

About: I am a third-year Architecture major at the University of Texas at Austin. I enjoy creating and experimenting.

Beading. It’s a simple yet complex way to express yourself and claim your individuality. A simple strand of beads can tell people to “watch out” or “come and chat”. Sometimes you need that finishing touch on an outfit, simply go to  your local craft store and buy some beads that match your outfit, grab some string and a needle and viola! You have the perfect accessory you can use again and again.

(so long story short, in this ‘ible I’ll be teaching you how to create a multi-strand necklace.)

Step 1: Things You'll Need



·Crimp beads*

·Some type of threading material

·Lobster clasps

·A SMALL needle

·Bead spinner**

*optional but they make it look cleaner

**optional but it makes this a lot easier

Step 2: Pick Out Some Beads

i believe this is the hardest step to me. I always try to find beads that match or "flow" together creating an eye catching accessory that is easy to wear.  

You need to go to your local beading store or, if you don’t know of any go to the craft store. For     multi-strand pieces I like to use seed beads as they’re small and come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and finishes. For this piece I used some size 11/0 beads (blue-ish turquoise) and size 10/0 (matte gold) .For small beads like the ones I'm using I got a bead spinner this helps with stringing the beads.

Step 3: Chose Your Stringing Material

You can use string (Like sewing machine string), super stretch elastic or … beading wire. I prefer the stretchy material, but for the feel that I wanted (and the fact that the little holes were to small) I had to use string.

Step 4: Start Stringing

Decide how many strands of each color you’ll want. For mine I chose one blue and 3 gold strands.

Now cut the string/elastic cord/wire, add 4 inches to both sides and cut .
Take all the strands of string and tie them all together with a knot on one loop.

If you have a bead spinner you can skip this section.

  Now take a string and attach your small needle and start stringing beads on. Once you have gotten to your 4 inch mark take the last bead on the strand and tie a knot around it. Repeat for the rest of the strands

Step 5: Proper Finish It Up

If you don’t do this right you’ll eventually have to start over.
       Take your crimp beads and put one on each end of your necklace.
       Now take your pliers and squish the crimp bead, tie on your clasps and you’re done.
 Now you have your one of a kind multi-strand necklace to wear everywhere!!

Step 6: My Finish It Up

what i do is take a jump ring and tie everything to that the add another jump ring on 
dab some glue on the knots and let it dry

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