How to Make a Snowflake With Paper



Introduction: How to Make a Snowflake With Paper

Do you like the snowflakes which hit to your window in winter?

And do you wan to make your own snowflake with paper? If you want to make, you are at the correct place to learn how to do it.

Step 1: Flod Your Paper

First of all, you need to have a square paper to do it. And after it, you need to flod your paper as you can see on shown.

Step 2: Flood the Upper Side

Flod the upper side, and achieve a triangle.

Step 3: Flod the Left Side

Flod the left side. And achive like this..

Step 4: Flod the Right Side

You need to be careful at this part. This can be difficult for you. So don't hurry! and don't wrinkle your paper.

Step 5: Cut the Bottom

Cut the bottom side as you can see..

Step 6: Modify the Snowflake

You can cut your paper according to your imagination. This makes your snowflake better.

Step 7: Open Your SnowFlake

And open your snowflake.. Here it is.. This is pretty simple to make.. I hope all of you make nicest snowflake..

You can decorate you window, wall etc. with them :)

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