How to Make a Toy Rhino

Introduction: How to Make a Toy Rhino

throughout this instructable, you will learn the steps to make a simple wooden animal toy with wheels.

Step 1: Gather All Materials

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary equipment and materials to create your wooden toy.

You're going to need your axles, 1/8" ply wood, 2x6 block of wood, a printer as well as paper, a marker, and your wheels. the tools you will be using are the table router, the band saw, the drill press and the sander.

Above are just a few of the materials you will need.

Step 2: Find Your Animal and Trace It

First, you should go online and look for an animal that is easily identifiable from a side view like a rhino or a horse.

Then, you're going to want to print out the picture of the animal and trace it.

When you trace it, leave out the details so it looks more cartoon-ish just like in the picture above so you can drill holes in the legs and it will make cutting a lot easier later on. Then, cut out the animal.

Step 3: Trace on Scrap Wood

Next, you need to find a piece of 1/8" ply wood and place your animal cut-out on top of it and trace it.

It is better to place your animal in one of the corners so it is easier to cut.

Step 4: Cut Out Scrap Wood

After you have traced your animal on the scrap wood, use the band saw to cut it out.

Never try to make a crazy sharp turn or else things can get ugly. Just keep going straight if there is a sharp turn coming up around your toy.

Step 5: Trace Onto Block

Once you have your wooden cutout, trace that onto a wooden block using a sharpie just like before in step 2 but tracing a 1/8" ply wood is much easier than using paper to trace. The paper will flop around while the ply wood is sturdier.

This will be the base of your actual toy once you are finished with the whole thing.

Step 6: Trace Your Cuts

Make straight lines around sharp corners so you don't ruin your band saw while trying to turn it.

If you make cuts like this, then it will be much easier to manage.

Step 7: Cut Out Your Block

Next, you're going to cut out the block of wood the same way that you cut out the piece of scrap wood.

This is basically a repeat of step 4.

Step 8: Sand and Shape

After you have your wooden block cut out of your toy, use the sander to smooth it out and get rid of any tool marks.

Then use the router to round your edges to make the toy more manageable for a child.

Step 9: Drill Holes

Use the drill press and use the proper size drill bit so that it matches the size of your axles by using the drill bit gauge.

Make sure to put a piece of scrap wood underneath and use a clamp to keep it in place so the piece doesn't come loose and someone gets injured.

Be certain you drill all the way through your toy so you dont have to line up the drill bit again.

Step 10: Paint

Once your toy is all smooth and shaped, decorate it with some color to make it pop.

You may also paint the wheels if you're into that. Remember to be creative and think outside the box.

Step 11: Assemble Your Toy

Use the wood glue to insert your axle into the bottom of your toy. It is better to apply the glue directly inside the hole of the toy so you don't run the risk of getting glue on your wheels which will cause rotational issues. Repeat this for all 4 wheels/axles.

One thing I noticed is that you should not push your wheels too close to the toy. Give the wheels some room so they can spin efficiently. If they are too close to the toy they will rub against the side and cause the wheel to get jammed a little bit.

Step 12: Enjoy Your Toy

Congrats! You are now finished making your toy!

The next step is to make it as a gift for someone or just keep it for yourself

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    Why did you make a scrap wood pattern? Couldn't you have just made a paper one and used that to trace onto your block of wood? In any case, kids love these simple wooden toys and you can use your method to make one of any kid's favorite animal. I might drill a hole through the horn and attach a string so the rhino can be pulled along. Also, if this is for a specific kid, let them help with the painting process and then they can say "look what I made." I want to go make a bear now!