Introduction: How to Make a 'bolt Action' BB Launcher Out of a Mechanical Pencil

Have you ever needed a BB launcher that is durable, compact, dependable, and effective but always get stuck with bad designs? No more! This BB launcher is cheap and easy to make and easy to maintain. Will cost only about $1!!
Note: Please, at each step, look at the pictures and notes to save yourself A LOT of frustration

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Step 1: Assemble Materials

You will need:

-One BIC mechanical pencil

-One 'clicky' ballpoint pen

-A small piece of plastic (like an old school ID)

-One ¼” long, 2 mm diameter metal cylinder (see picture) I get mine from pens, cap guns, and nails


-Razor Blade

-Fast drying super glue (optional but suggested)

Step 2: Strip Pencil

-Remove and throw away the tip by pulling it off

-Remove black lead restrictor by cutting it with scissors (see picture)

-Remove spring and set aside

-Remove eraser and lead and throw away

-Using scissors, remove the pocket clip, careful not to snap pencil, so it looks like the one in the picture

Step 3: Assemble Firing Pin and Bolt

-Take inside part (the part you click on the mechanical pencil) and cut about one cm below any one of the holes originally from the pencil

-Using the razor blade, widen the pre-cut hole nearest to the end you cut so the metal cylinder can fit snugly
  -Apply glue around bolt (optional but suggested)

-Once the cylinder (bolt) is in place, use the razor blade to widen the hole on the side nearest the bolt so that a spring can fit snugly in (get the spring from either mechanical pencil or clicky pen, whichever works better.) You should find a spring that fits with the pen part so that it won't fall out
  -If no such spring exist, you can just CAREFULLY glue the pen to the spring

-Dismantle the clicky pen and take the pen part (the part with ink in it) and cut off about 2-3cm of the back part so there's no ink in the bit you cutoff (this is the firing pin)

-Take this newly cut piece and stick it inside the spring, glue if the firing pin is too loose in the spring

Step 4: Barrel/Bolt Assembly Housing

-Using the scissors, cut off the uneven end bit.

-Widen the newly cut hole so that a BB can roll down the housing smoothly.
  -If the test BB doesn't go down smoothly, widen hole or blow out any obstructions (plastic shavings).

-Hold the bolt assembly parallel to the remaining part of the mechanical pencil.

-Mark on the housing where the bolt is.

-Using the razor blade cut from the TOP (the end you didn't cut off) of the clear housing piece to where you marked so that you make a track for the bolt. It is imperative that you cut at this end

-At the end of bolt track, cut out a little notch on the right side the size of your bolt piece.

-Insert the bolt and firing pin assembly into housing.

Step 5: Trigger Mechinism

-About .5cm from the end of the firing pin make a slot on the UNDERSIDE a little less wide than the width of the entire of the housing using the razor blade
-Cut a piece from your plastic the size shown in the picture below. Make sure it fits in the slot you made
-Insert newly cut plastic piece into designated hole so that it obstructs the path of the firing pin

Step 6: Test Fire

-Put bolt and firing pin assembly into housing with trigger in place

-Insert BB one of two ways
   -One- Weak configuration. Cock gun with no BB at first, then roll BB down the end
  so it goes from left to right: BB, trigger, firing pin
  The advantages of this configuration is that it doesn't put as much stress on the
  trigger therefore making it last longer.
  The disadvantages are that you can't aim downward and the BB doesn't go as far
  -Two- Power configuration. Open bolt then insert BB directly in front of firing pin. It
  should go from left to right: trigger, BB, firing pin.
  The advantages to this configuration is that you can aim downward without the BB
   falling out and that it shoots farther

-When desired configuration is set, pull trigger downward. The BB should fire. Enjoy!

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