Introduction: How to Make a Cootiecatcher

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Learn how to create a cootiecatcher/fortune teller to play with your friends and family!

Step 1: Materials

-pen or pencil

Step 2: Part 1: Fold and Cut

1. Fold a corner down as shown in the picture
2. Now fold the their corner
3. Fold the bottom that is left out from the creased X as shown in the image
4. Cut off the rectangle flap. You should now have a squared paper.

Step 3: Part 2: Fold

1. Fold the corner of the square into the middle, so the corner matches with the crease
2. Do the rest of the corners as well.
3. Turn over to the other side.
4. Do the same thing to the corners.

Step 4: Build It!

1. Turn the square to the other side.
2. Fold the square in half.
3. There are four flaps, put your fingers in the flap and push towards the center and the cootiecatcher will form.

Step 5: Using Your Pen

1. Now make the cootiecatcher flat again. Make sure you are looking at the side with the four squared flaps.
2. Write four different colors on the flaps like I did. You can choose any colors you want.
3. Now turn over the square to the side with the triangle flaps. Write the numbers one through eight as shown.
4. Now open the triangle flaps and draw a linetheough the crease that divides the triangles in two like in the image.
5. Now you can write the fortunes or lucks, either bad or good on the triangles. Take a look at my cootiecatcher fortunes for an example.
6. Lastly, build the cootiecatcher once again as shown in the last picture.
Enjoy the game!

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