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Introduction: How to Make a Crayon Picture

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This picture is made not just from crayons being scribbled on paper, but also from the crayon wrappers! Here's how to make your own piece of artwork. 

Step 1: Materials

You need

a BUNCH of crayons with their wrappers attached
3 or more pieces of paper
tape (lots! I went through a whole roll ;))
a knife/ scissors/ a rotary cutter

Step 2: Unwrapping

So now you have to unwrap all those crayons. For my "materpiece" :P I decided to use pinks and reds to make a heart and other colors for the frame part. At first I tried to unwrap the crayons. DO NOT TRY THIS! I failed epically, and was sitting on the floor in despare before I happened to think of my rotary cutter! So I sliced the wrappers open. You can often get "two" wrappers from one, as the overlap on crayola crayons is large. Unwrap all your crayons!

Step 3: Scribble Time!

Now you can unleash your inner preschooler. Take all your naked crayons (scandalous, I know) and scribble on your papers!

Step 4: Attach the Papers

Read the title, and do as it says!

Step 5: Draw Your Design

Draw your design in the middle. I colored in my heart so that it would look more put together. Sorry, no pictures of that. 

Step 6: Add the Wrappers!

Glue, tape or magically attach the wrappers in whatever design your little heart desires! I did a "frame" out of cool colors, but you can do anything!

Step 7: Done!

Now hang it and take a step back. Perfection. 

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    bongo girl!
    bongo girl!

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think there is! i was using the ones i had that were just laying around the house, but if you wanted to make one to really display (mine is on the back of a door... haha) then that would be an awesome step to take!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I like how you went that one step further and re-used the wrapper too.

    I don't get out much so perhaps I am wrong, but can't you buy crayons with funny motives, animals, etc? those could make this interesting in a different way (and you could make less abstract pieces too) - this comes from one of the most artistically challenged people around so apply the relevant amount of salt :)